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Includes the speakers listed below:


JOAN REID – SIMPLE DOWSING AND REFRESHER – This is for those who want a quick session on how to dowse. We will cover what is the first step in dowsing, and, asking the right questions. We will concentrate on your favorite dowsing tool. If you don’t have one yet, please bring dowsing rods, or a pendulum. If you don’t have any, we will have some for you to try. Then you can get your own at the ASD Bookstore when you see which you like to use. This will be a basic refresher and confidence booster. Please join me with your questions.

 ALICE HARWOOD – COURAGE & CONFIDENCE IN CHANGING TIMES – How can we stay in a coherent place of balance and equilibrium, even as personal, familial and societal foundations shift and crumble? Courage comes from the Latin root: cor, which means “heart.” Confidence comes from the Latin root: confidentia, which means “with full trust.” Navigating change can be daunting or invigorating, depending on your perceptions and personal emotional baseline. Learn how to build your awareness, improve dowsing, and integrate ALL aspects of yourself. This will help in building new foundations with a heart full of trust, as we anchor the incoming frequencies of Higher Dimensions and release those that no longer serve. Working together amplifies the impact!

JOHN THOMPSON – UTILIZING YOUR QUANTUM ENERGY TO STAY YOUTHFUL AND HEALTHY – In this entertaining and highly participatory presentation, you will learn many important keys for maintaining our youth and vitality, including:

  • Using foot and hand reflexology to energetically release bodily ailments and afflictions
  • Using mantra breathing practices to control your breath and your life
  • The celebrated energy system called Touch For Health
  • The history and life-enhancing importance of Orgone energy
  • The ancient history of Kombucha Tea and its life-changing health benefits

SANDI ISGRO – RUNIC DNA LABYRINTH – The common labyrinth has been used as a healing device throughout recorded history. In modern times, we have rediscovered its value. Nearly a quarter century ago, Joe Ann Van Gelder pioneered the Runic Labyrinth. Her work shows that adding specific Runes at specific nodes throughout the labyrinth fine-tuned its healing properties and turned into an even more powerful healing structure.

Sandi Isgro has built upon Joe Ann’s work to build a type of Runic Labyrinth that specifically targets damaged and non-resonating DNA. This labyrinth works like no other. The rules we learned with standard labyrinths do not apply at this one. Instead, this is a specialized tool that helps you to optimize and repair damaged DNA. DNA is an antenna to the morphogenic field. It tunes into a specific portion of that field to bring in the information your body requires. When the strands are damaged or impaired, they no longer properly resonate. They are “out-of-tune”. When DNA is out of tune, the body experiences disease and dysfunction. Moreover, without proper tuning it is impossible to properly connect with Source. Mankind has lived with damaged and de-tuned DNA for so long, we have accepted the results as normal. We accept disease, dysfunction and spiritual poverty as natural functions of life. What if all those things are NOT natural? What if all those things boil down to ‘poor reception’?

GARRY NICHOLS – NEW ART AND MAP DOWSING – I dedicate my talks to Ted Kaufmann my teacher, mentor and Father-in-Law. Ted taught me almost everything I know about dowsing. He left many aspects of this exploration open-ended, so that I could make discoveries for myself. In my lectures, I share stories, pictures of my largescale paintings, murals and studies, as well as historical sites along with dowsing experiences that inspire. In creating my art, the winding pathways often depicted in the structure of the paintings are derived from the energy and movement of the divining pendulum over a topographical map used for searches. In the act of map dowsing, the dowser transcends the limitations of space. The aim is similar in great art: to transcend all limitations placed beforehand on the artist.

JILL LAFFIN – HEALING YOUR “HA” WITH MEDICINE GEOMETRY – Jill will share a guided and interactive experience of personal “Ha” (breath) healing. “The Medicine Geometry” will be used as a visual stimulation throughout the presentation. She will also present a brief history of the Medicine Geometry, created by Samwise Clark, followed by guided meditations using the Geometry and a series of Huna breathing techniques designed to align the emotion bodies’ star tetrahedron configuration. You are invited to participate in interactive exercises of useful ways of incorporating the Geometry into your daily life to promote more inner joy and happiness.

BOB TERRY – CEMETERY RESTORATION, DOWSING AND STORIES – How I learned to dowse in a cemetery. For the past 31 years, my wife and I have owned a business called Terry’s Cemetery Restoration. My specialty is locating unmarked graves and finding where old broken monuments go. Through my work I have had many opportunities to connect with spirits and spirits often find ways to connect with me. These souls come to me and ask questions and tell me stories. In my presentation, you will discover how I find unmarked graves in and out of cemeteries, how I map cemeteries using L-rods and a pendulum, and hair-raising stories that I have lived. This stuff happens to me all the time! Bring your questions and I will bring my answers.

SHEILA ORANCH – ENERGY HEALING WITH TAROT – Tarot, numerology, symbology, dowsing, energy work, crystals, and other esoterica can be integrated and complimentary with energetic healing. How can Tarot and other divinatory arts guide energetic healing? How do I set boundaries and shields? What principles apply across all disciplines? In this presentation, we will explore how the fundamentals of Tarot can provide a logical foundation for any forms of energy work and healing. Audience participation will be valued.

GAYLE MACK – SPIRAL BREATH: INCREASE YOUR DOWSING SKILLS, INTUITION AND HARMONY – The best dowsing tool we have is when our Heart and our Mind are a unified field. The Spiral Breath Technique can synchronize the heart and mind into one powerful unit of energy. The Spiral Breath can help you increase your intuition, acuity of focus, instill harmony and heighten your personal dynamic energy field, which in turn, increases your dowsing skills and accuracy. The Spiral Breath Technique is a simple, effective and powerful tool.

SANDY MCKENZIE – INTERACTING WITH ANCIENT SITES – How can you actually interact with the energies at Ancient sites? What tools and techniques can you use? Sandy will share with you the recent adventures she has had at these various sites: in England, New England, Guatemala, Malta, Egypt and Sweden.

BRENDA BESCO SCHNOSE – EMPOWERING YOUR UNIQUE SELF – Come play in the higher dimensions as you release energies that disempower you on your journey. Experience different methods to release old programs, beliefs and stuck emotions. The Golden Fire of the Sacred Heart and the Quantum Mind activation will heal, clear and transform you as you become your Soul Light.

You will discover how to anchor the lights of Universal Love and Peace through the crystalline grid. You will also learn how to shine your brilliance as you become your own unique sun or star. As you shine your light, you will heal the space of all your miscreations throughout your entire universal existence.  This is an interactive talk. You will walk away with tools you can use in your everyday life. Time for questions will also be included.

BRANDON DEY – THE QUANTUM DOWSING TECHNIQUE – Have you ever wondered why pendulum dowsing is not universally known as a reliable source of information? Have you ever dreamed of having a 100% reliable dowsing method that IS NEVER WRONG? Come, learn about this valuable technique that can be used by any dowser and in any situation. This is a nonlinear form of divining that teaches one to THINK multi-dimensionally, and become consciously aligned with the nonlinear dimension of Our Self, that we access in order to find ‘answers’. It is a big step away from ALL forms of linear “yes/no/maybe” techniques, yet can be used in conjunction with these, for greater clarity and information. We will discuss how this technique transfers directly to body dowsing, along with examples.

Using this technique, Brandon dowsed his way to the Higher Self and mapped the entire process so that others could do the same. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts of this technique is the establishment of a relationship with dowsing’s greatest scapegoat: The (Divine) Ego. With this, we unravel the mystery of how divining moved from being a reliable source of information, into being a pseudo-science; and how it may be restored to it’s rightful, impeccable place in the Human mind. This system awakens and embraces ‘the Mind of a Child’ as the means of accessing accurate information needed to consciously create a world we truly want to live in.

ELIZABETH DESROCHERS – QHHT QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE – Elizabeth will be talking about her QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Training with Delores Cannon and taking the group into a sample QHHT Past Life Regression Meditation.

GALE WEST – CLEARING ENERGY PATTERNS IN THE TIMELINE – In non-local reality past, present and future exist simultaneously; Energetic patterns affecting us in this life, can have their origin in any one of these realities, including through ancestral DNA. This presentation will further explore Marty Lucas’s concept of the “inception point,” i.e., the point of disruption from wholeness. If beliefs are just energy patterns that hold meaning, then clearing the energy of the inception point in the timeline will ripple both backwards and forward in field of all possibilities, creating a new reality.

AARON SINGLETON – STOP CHASING SYMPTOMS: FIX YOUR ROOT CAUSE! – Aaron explains and demonstrates how chasing symptoms, or even naming an illness or condition from an allopathic (medical) perspective is often inadequate or irrelevant if your goal is to FIX THE PROBLEM! He will show you a framework for understanding how we become sick or manifest problematic conditions such as vision problems, headaches, arthritis, anxiety, PTSD, and more, and the pathway to return to wellness and balance. Aaron will introduce you to a process to empower you to map out and resolve your Root Cause in your own body, without spiritual guides or intermediaries!


SUSAN ROSE – ACCESSIBLE HEALTH: SECRETS OF LONGEVITY USING CHINESE HEABALISM – Learn how you can benefit from the accessible, time-tested, phenomenal Chinese tonic herbal combinations know as Patent Remedies for staying vital, energetic, mentally agile, and sleeping well. The use of nutritive and balancing herbs in combinations refined over thousands of years come to us as tonic herbal combinations. They are available and accessible to everyone today, whether from a traditional Chinese herbalist or more commonly from online herbal stores.

In this presentation, you will learn how to benefit from 2000 years of knowledge … without studying for years. A dowser can bypass years of training, needing only a comprehensive overview, access to resources, a pendulum and charts! Simplified and practical diagrams, presented with humor, show you how to recognize specific patterns of age-related disharmony: fatigue, feeling cold, lower back and knee weakness, cognitive decline, insomnia. We all have a tendency to be cold, or hot, in excess or deficient. The Traditional Chinese Medicine approach is simple, yet so effective: if cold, warm; if deficient, tonify, if hot, cool, if excess, disperse. The roots and shoots do just that!

It is fun and empowering to use these principles and solutions, especially with a pendulum. You will dowse to find which specific Yin or Yang tonic combination will benefit you most. The tonic herbs are safe for long term use, and are the secrets to staying healthy as you age.

JOHN BUTLER – THINGS I’VE DOWSED & SEEN CLAIRVOYANTLY – John will be discussing different things that he has found that can be adversely affecting one’s physical, mental, and emotional health as well as the environment they are living in. A large number of topics will be covered revealing causes of unsuspected health issues. Protocols will be shared in how to successfully dowse oneself, family and friends.

WILLIAM GEE – DOWSING TO CLEAR WRITER’S BLOCK – As dowsers, healers and community leaders, we all aspire to always know what to say in any given situation. Whether we are speaking to a client, a group of people, writing a blog, or writing a book, figuring out exactly what to say and how to say it can be a difficult and stressful process. However, communicating anything is much easier when we put aside the ego and we allow our High Self or SPIRIT show us the way. In this presentation, I will show participants how to use a pendulum to choose topics, point out important details, and choose the right words to reach any specific audience they want to reach.

SHANTI DOUGLAS – INTUITION: THE PUREST FORM OF DOWSING – With our ever-changing and pressure-filled world, we’ve lost touch with our intuition, our innate connection to Source. Let’s shift back and begin to once again use our ever-present personal dowsing rod to guide the day. When we’re tuned in to our intuition, there’s more ease, clarity, and synchronicity. Join this presentation to learn to recognize the intuitive path and experience the heart as a bridge connecting to higher Source.

TRENT MILLET – THE WORKS AND WONDERS OF DARRELL BRANN AND PRESTON NICHOLS “THE MAGIC MUSIC TIME MACHINE” – Both worked in sound, worked inter-dimensionally & multi-dimensionally.

Both worked from other world’s perspectives & existences. Together their work holds necessary elements for teleportation.

How Preston’s “Magic, Music, Time Machine” was able integrate the listener/participant into 7 dimensions of music and time, is relatively simple. The experience & time warp were something else again!

Darrell was one of the most remarkable beings to visit the earth plane. His story is varied; fascinating & fabulous, unfolding perfectly to the gift he became. His journey led him to rediscover & understand the sonic blueprint, frequency/sound matrix that created every system, organ & cell of our body. Weaving frequency’s that created us, balancing them with his vibrational tools & other mystery’s Darrell taught how original sounds heal & re-creates all. First there was the word… the sound… Then there was Darrell to explain it!

RIKI KRETSCHMAR – DOWSING YOUR PET’S HEALTH AND NUTRITION – I will be speaking about how to make healthy choices with food, supplements, vaccination and veterinary care. I’ll also explain how to use a surrogate for dowsing for your pet as a diagnostic tool and dowsing for appropriate foods and medications, as well as choosing the correct vet for your pet. I will teach how to read/understand ingredient labels and the meaning of the terms used on them and what guidelines the manufacturer follows, vaccination schedules, how Ormus products work and truth about neutering and spaying. Dowsing is a critical tool for moving forward in a positive way with animals and people. You will learn how to use dowsing to improve your pet’s health and well-being and how to dowse for the cause of behavioral problems.

MARY SWAINE – DOWSING USING THE HEART AND HIGHER MIND – Using heart chakra at astral or higher levels combined with Higher Mind expands the range and effectiveness of dowsing and gives us new knowledge and original discoveries that dowsing alone can’t do. We receive wise and detailed answers to our questions rather than just “yes” or “no.”

When the heart is open at the astral level, we have both complete contact with anything or anyone we need knowledge about, and also detached objectivity. The heart also enables us to find wise answers that are for the greatest good. When Higher Mind is active, we have a huge bandwidth that we can perceive and understand in great detail.

Mary will clarify how to develop these abilities so you can both use them on their own to gain insight, and also use them to help expand the range and effectiveness of your dowsing.

SUSAN COLLINS – SOUL RETRIEVAL WITH DOWSING – Do you sometimes feel like a piece of your Self is missing? Or have trouble making connections with people? Bring your Soul back into balance using dowsing techniques that are easy to learn and always available. Find the root cause of things that trouble you, repair soul damage, create safe boundaries and strong psychic protection. Remove curses and energy blocks.

LIZ PALUMBO – A BASIC INTRODUCTION OF ASTROLOGY – This presentation will include: The Lights…Your Sun and Moon are the co-authors of your Natal Chart • The exact time and location where you were born calculates your Natal chart • The Rising Sign • The Inner Planets are…Mercury, Venus and Mars • The Outer Planets…Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto move slowly • A Natal Chart opens the door for more exciting charts to add • The Progressed Chart…A day for a year = a year in the life. As time marches so do your stars • The Solar Return is when the location of your Sun returns to the exact place it was when you were born. This gives us a “Solar Return Chart”, good for a little over a year • The Lunar Return is a chart cast every 28 days when the Moon returns to its natal location • “Step Lightly…Live Deeply…Liz Palumbo.  There will be time for questions and handouts will be provided.

MARY HARDY – HEALING THE PLANET’S GRID THROUGH PYRAMIDS, OBELISKS AND PRAYER – The Earth is a motor. Pyramids, cathedrals, labyrinths, Medicine wheels, obelisks, and stained-glass windows, are all antennas that can be used to balance this motor. If we balance out the motor, we can use the Holy Grail Vortex to lessen hurricanes and stop tornados. Balance brings peace and harmony into an area. Using these antennas, along with prayer (the Holy Grail Vortex), we can change the frequency under Yellowstone and clear the disturbance there to prevent a disaster. As dowsers, we need to ask permission and perform prayer to prevent these disasters.

RAY CAHILL – USING MINERALS TO EXPERIENCE AND DEEPEN YOUR CHAKRAS – Using minerals, we will help you energize and deepen your chakras. This process will help you process through those issues preventing you from moving forward. This will set the stage for a transformation from the person you are; to the person you wish to be. The transformation is simply accepting the perfection that resides inside of you.

ALICJA ARATYN – DOWSING AND YOUR BRAIN – It is easy to say that we should not think when we dowse. There are some tips and hints, which are useful, but wouldn’t it be convenient to simply understand what is happening in our brain when we dowse? We know that our main enemies in dowsing are desires and expectations. How to avoid them? I invite you to the presentation, which will show you what is going on in your brain when you do work, when you relax, when you are sick and when you are happy. And also – when you dowse… Is our brain preventing us from being successful dowsers? And if so, what can we do to overcome these predicaments. I will present simple, but effective methods to bypass your brain while dowsing! Very visual presentation, as a picture, means a thousand words…

WHITE EAGLE – WHEN YOU HEAL YOUR HEART, YOU WILL HEAL THE EARTH – Healing the heart begins from the moment we are born. The journey of the heart is a lifetime journey taking us through twists and turns on the road of life. We are all traveling in the same direction. We begin in the East on the Medicine Wheel of Life, it symbolizes new beginnings. We pass through every experience and condition that is purposely designed for us, bringing us to balance in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical bodies. You are invited to come and soar with me and together we will experience the journey of the heart. Each of us is coming from a different direction, but we will all arrive at the same place in oneness of spirit and oneness of purpose. Come heal your heart and together we will heal the Earth.

JINI CERIO – YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH – This presentation will leave you with the knowledge of knowing how to find imbalances in the body caused by toxins, discover a lack of nutrients that the body requires, and show how negative emotions cause organs to be imbalanced and how to release the negative energy creating the imbalance issues. You will receive handouts of dowsing charts, body pictures, a list of nutrients you may need, and what supplements are best for you to bring your body back into balance. Meridians play an important part in discovering which organ is in need of help. This information can be useful for humans of any age as well as animals. I will also discuss the importance of protein on the body’s lymphatic system. Please bring your pendulum to the seminar.

RICHARD ROY, LIZ PALUMBO AND CRAIG JAMES – DOWSING WATER/WELLS AND STORIES – Maybe you’ve just learned how to use dowsing tools or you’ve been using them for years, but just not to find potable water to have a well drilled.

This presentation is an opportunity for you to meet some experienced well dowsers, hear how they get their dowsing jobs, do their dowsing jobs, and perhaps, teach this ability to others.  This is not a “How to” but a discussion that will reveal how these dowsers started and learned this craft.Maybe you want to apprentice to become a well dowser.  Maybe you just want to hear these informative, interesting and sometimes funny stories.

BRIAN BESCO – ANCIENT ALIEN ARTIFACTS OF JALISCO, MEXICO – Join us on a video journey through ancient Mexico, which includes hands-on opportunities with genuine artifacts and artifact replicas from Jalisco, Mexico. From 9,000-year-old tablets depicting Egyptian and Mayan deities, Grays and winged shaman, to 30,000-year-old pieces that depict the story of destroyed planets, UFO’s, and the procreation of new races. Brian has personally filmed the recovery of several artifacts and is working with scientists and researchers from around the world in proving the validity of these artifacts to the Mexican Department of Anthropology. Brian presents a theory of these artifacts belonging to the greater Atlantian Civilization, which includes the Mayan and pre-Egyptian heritages.


JACKIE HOLZEL – THE PEACOCK PROJECT – Journey with me into a fantasy world of The Peacocks. During my presentation you will use your imagination and dowsing skills to learn more about you and your life mission! This presentation is loosely based on my published book of the same title The Peacock Project which is available in the ASD bookstore, if you want to see more about it.

DAVID KANE – HOW TO USE DOWSING FOR MANY OTHER THINGS BESIDES WATER – How Dowsing has helped us in researching an almost unknown field for the last 12 years.

The practical aspects of Dowsing in:

  • Health and how to utilize
  • Researching your passion and how to incorporate dowsing practices
  • Phraseology and Questioning

KARA BREESE – COMMUNICATING WITH NATURE – Together we will explore the topic of Nature Communication. Who and what are the Devas, Spirits (Pan), and Elemental Kingdom, how do we work with them, and why? It is a weaving of sharing personal stories from the field while also sharing specific suggestions as to how to build relationship with Nature and how to set up an “Energy Coning.” The presentation is expected to include a wider discussion as to why this is important and how these techniques can be applied in other areas of one’s life. An experiential guided meditation will help open your field to a deeper understanding and relationship with the subtle energies you experience.

DAN ARSENEAU – CLEARING LAND AND PROPERTY – Land holds and carries energetic memory, both natural or created by humans. Some of this energy isn’t beneficial to us and can be physically and energetically toxic. Dan will present a dowsing protocol he uses to clear, balance and neutralize homes, land, gardens and people of non-beneficial energies. First, he will provide a template of protocols you will need to clear and protect yourself, creating your own sacred space. You will work with and co-create with your land Elementals to transform and raid the vibration of yourself, the landscape, gardens and the property. It’s time to have some fun; ask for advice from your own Elementals since they are the experts and you can honor what they want! While based in dowsing, we will touch on aspects of geomancy, Feng Shui and the shamanistic traditions. However we label them, it’s all the same energy vibration.

SHELLEY DARLING – EVOLUTIONARY DOWSING: RESTORING EARTH’S CIRCUITRY – Today, we recognize the Ancient Art and Science of Dowsing to include the mystery of human consciousness with that of the Earth. Evolutionary Dowsing not only restores and elevates the frequency of our homes and land; it creates an inner “quickening” which opens a portal to greater joy and aliveness.

Deepen your sacred relationship to the “7 Foundations of Life”, as we collectively build a coherent field applying our Dowsing skills fortifying Earth’s Resonance.

7 Foundations of Life

  • Earth – Embracing Earth
  • Water – Loving Water
  • Fire – Generating Radiance
  • Air – Creating Spaciousness
  • Climate – Respecting Interconnectivity
  • Biodiversity –Celebrating All Life
  • The Web of Life – Restoring Wholeness

TYHSON BANIGHEN – CLEARING THE PLANETARY TIMELINES OF CONTROL – I created the Deep Clearing Protocol to help thousands of people strengthen their bioenergy fields by clearing unresolved conflict and to exclude all intrusions into one’s energy field from outside forces such as entities, manmade energy interrupters including cell phone towers, smart meters and microwave or scalar waves, etc. I am now working with Cindi Johnson, soul guide and author of the book Shifting Timelines: Co-Create an Extraordinary Life to create a network of dowsers, 1000 plus, to help create and implement a Planetary Deep Clearing Protocol to clear the patriarchal planetary timelines of bondage and control, and then install the new timeline of liberation and sovereignty to birth the New Earth.

MARTY LUCAS – WHO ANSWERS WHEN I DOWSE? – One of the most common questions I get is, “Who answers when I dowse?” Dowsing is neither mystical nor magical, it is simply applying scientific principles that physics are just beginning to understand. This class will give you the scientific basis to answer that question and improve your dowsing accuracy as well.



Eben Alexander, MD with Karen Newell

Living in a Mindful Universe

There is much more to our so-called reality than what we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Conventional science argues that we must perceive something with our senses in order for it to be real. Profound experiences reported throughout the world teach us that the spiritual realm is right here and available to us and is a fundamental part of our collective truth that can no longer be simply dismissed. Consciousness is primary to all of existence and fortunately, we can all access this fountain of information and gain firsthand knowledge of it. We live in a mindful universe, and we are each an intimate part of the whole.

Eben Alexander, MD, was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School in Boston. He has a passionate interest in physics and cosmology. He is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe.

Karen Newell has spent a lifetime seeking wisdom through esoteric teachings and firsthand experience exploring realms of consciousness. She empowers others by demonstrating how to connect to inner guidance, achieve inspiration, improve wellness and develop intuition. She is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, and co-author with Dr. Eben Alexander of Living in a Mindful Universe.


Brian Besco

Activating Your Unique Brilliance

As we release and let go of who we were programmed to be, it brings in more of our Light, our unique brilliance within this universe.  Through the clearing of paradigms and limiting belief structures, we become the conscious creators of this world.  Join us on a journey to release these miscreations which no longer serve, and activate your physical manifestation to its highest brilliance possible here and now!!

Brian Besco is a Master Builder of higher consciousness energy tools. He is considered the world-leader in Tensor Technologies, furthering the work of Slim Spurling. As a gifted seer and energy worker, Brian is also world-renowned for his Soul-level planetary-ascension work. He owns Twistedsage Studios, a manufacturing facility in the Black Hills of South Dakota, which creates these leading-edge energy tools used in clearing, connecting, activating, and healing. He mentors people world-wide on the creation of etheric-based tools, which are anchored into the physical through sacred measurements.