Dowsing the Wonder Waters of Saratoga Springs & the Area

In this virtual tour of Saratoga Springs and the area’s healing waters, we’ll explore the many properties of Saratoga’s natural springs and their use for health, wellness, cooking, and the application of the waters so important to our inner existence. We will also take a look and discuss the spiritual and meditative messages offered by the living consciousness of water. There are frequencies in everything and we’ll speak of the interaction of relationship and the information shared with water. It’s more than knowing how to dowse the location of water but the empowering and personality aspects of the liquid magic we call water!

Aime “Trent” Millet – is President of the Mohawk-Hudson Chapter of ASD. He teaches both Dowsing and Radionics as well as leading informational lectures and workshops on water nationwide. Trent holds a certificate in BioHarmonics and leads workshops on Intentional Healing and Healing Devices, Sacred Relationships, Radionics, and the Health and Healing Properties of Water. He has developed the ‘Optic-phonic” System of communicating with water. He is currently working with the Saratoga Center for song as our frequencies expand to hear the voice in all that exists. Trent has concentrated recent years on research, experiences, medical histories, and re-validating the healing water of Saratoga. He does informational tours of the mineral waters in Saratoga Spa Park.