What Do Aliens Want?

Some Aliens want to help us. Some want to observe us. Some want to use us for their own purposes and think that’s OK! We need to be able to tell the difference between different types of Beings, and dowsing is the way to do it. (And by the way, what you learn in this class can be applied to Human and Angel interactions as well!) Step into your power and create psychic protection to enhance your health and prosperity so you can help yourself, your community, the planet and beyond. Susan will share her Dowsing and Triage Protocols as well as techniques and tips from her years of sagely interacting with Other-dimensional Beings. Essential handouts will be provided.

Susan Collins – is an acclaimed dowsing teacher, keynote speaker and workshop leader. She uses traditional dowsing tools as well as the power of heart and thought to detect and transform non-beneficial Earth, Environmental, Psychic and Other energy patterns. She has presented at conferences across North America, the UK, Italy, Japan and in the Middle East and was featured in: “The Resonance”, a documentary on Extraterrestrials. Susan has a dynamic consulting practice and has written books including Meet Alien Energy with Dowsing. She is a Past President and Dowser of the Year of the Canadian Society of Dowsers. /