The Power of Shapes: Energy Pendulums & Patterns

In the twentieth century, French physicists and engineers were investigating the energy frequencies emitted by shapes and created a vast array of Energy Pendulums and Patterns. They named this discipline Scientific Radiesthesia. These devices do not rely on mental questions by the dowser and are widely used in the non-English speaking world.

In 2016 Sandy McKenzie and John Butler introduced the ASD to a selection of these Energy pendulums to a very enthusiastic response. This year Sandy and John will give an update on new discoveries and experiences with the Energy pendulums. Sandy will introduce the most useful Energy patterns.

Sandy McKenzie – is a member of the British Society of Dowsers, the American Society of Dowsers, and the UK Dowsing Research group. She was a founding member of the UK Earth Energies dowsing group, and for 20 years has been chair of the Sussex Dowsers. She has been collecting and working with Energy pendulums and Patterns for 25 years. She was the keynote speaker on ‘Pendulums and Patterns’ at the British Society of Dowsers 2016 conference and ran a workshop on Energetic patterns at the BSD 2017 Spring Symposium. She has just returned from introducing ‘Energetic Patterns and Magic Pendulums’ to the Swedish Dowsers Annual Convention