Map Dowsing in the Digital Age

Since the advent of Google Earth, map dowsing has taken a new upturn in finding and tracking Earth energies with startling accuracy. Energies such as leys, geopathic zones, geospirals and indeed vortexes can be comfortably mapped at home on a laptop then physically checked later. All energies have areas of influence and even these can be read and mapped. Avoiding natural “bias” and performing “blind” readings for energies in your home town and anywhere in the world. Special elements to watch for when tracking long leys, keeping records and coordinates.

Robert Egby – is an author, novelist, and independent publisher of 12 books, two of them on dowsing. A certified hypnoanalyst, interfaith minister and an “investigative” dowser for over 40 years. Now 85, he is a veteran and award-wining international journalist and broadcaster, his favorite words are Who, What, When, Where and Why?” Currently learning Spanish to facilitate dowsing and historical research in Spain