A Manual for Developing Humans

During her third near-death experience, Dr. P.M.H Atwater was told to become a researcher, and then write three books by The Voice like None Other. The first was not named; the second was Future Memory (based on format of a labyrinth/a brain changer); the third, This Unusual Manual. Based entirely on threes, there are no chapters. . .only the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious aspects to each topic – every topic – as the Manual contains the basics on every level of life.

While Dr. Atwater shares her story, all 28 thought-form drawings  that separate sections in the Manual are shown in a special PowerPoint presentation. Thoughtform shapes comprise the energy released into the air once thoughts are created. Near-death experiencers, psychics, artists, and spiritual adepts sometimes comment on being able to see such shapes.

The idea of “mission,” hers, ours, everyone’s, is explored, along with several remarkable stories. The idea we have for developing spiritually, however, misses the real challenge. . . to become fully human. To be all that we are, to envelop the spiritual as we embrace and balance all other aspects of humanhood, that’s the goal. “Hu” was the ancient sound of God. “Hu-Man” meant “God-Man.” God-man, God-women. All religions speak to this in some manner. All those who undergo a transformation of consciousness, no matter how, come to face this. . . our true self, our real self. We are “gods in the making.” It is time to become who we already are.