2017 Ned Wolf – Fun & Games while Dowsing for Energy and Vitality


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This is an exploration of effective dowsing protocols that support health and healing. We will discuss various dynamics of healing, including that each of us resides in a body that has all the necessary resources to correct any imbalance. Therefore, dowsing can be especially useful to determine how we are blocking access to these inner resources.

Ned Wolf – resides in Flagstaff, AZ. He is a practicing natural healer, specializing in vibrational remedies, energy healing, and conflict resolution and counselling. His career as a natural healer, counselor and family mediator spans the past three decades. He has recently authored Nandia’s Copper, a visionary fiction tale of healing that uses dowsing and other modalities to resolve a city’s viral epidemic. Ned also teaches classes in dowsing, counselling and natural healing.

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