Space: The Final Frontier

The Starship Enterprise took us to the farthest corners of the universe. But is outer space the final frontier? Or is it that which is immediately around and within us.

Ultimate reality, a place few have explored, is all around us. It is a place of alternative realities, Planes of Existence and other dimensions. The aliens Captain Kirk encountered are all around us. Space exerts a tremendous influence upon us. It is made up of our ancestral totems, Jungian archetypes and powerful imprints that manipulate our unconscious mind. It contains Mother Earth’s essences and energies. Space affects our well-being and health and connects us to each other.

The goal of this thought provoking workshop is to educate you about the space around you and provide an overview of the frontier you live in. Join us for the Exploration and bring your L-rods.

Madis Senner – is a former money manager turned seeker. He is a Keeper (watches over, maintains and spiritually enhances) for several sacred sites. He has authored numerous articles for the ASD Digest, Wisdom Magazine and others. His fourth book, Sacred Sites in North Star Country, Places in Greater NYS That Changed the World, is available for purchase at the ASD bookstore. You can read his musings at: