Water as Medicine

Keynote Dowser
Water – magical, mystical, miraculous water, creator and destroyer, how well do we know you? As dowsers our curiosity to explore and understand the physics, chemistry, biology and metaphysics of water seems only natural. As children of the Aquarian Age, what can we learn and understand from the words of Jesus in Luke 22:10, “A man will meet you carrying aan earthen pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he goes in.”

Water was referred to by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as ” the ground of all being.” Goether had an early understanding of quantum physics, and the holographic principle, seeing the oneness and inter-connectedness of life. The water protectors at Standing Rock have awakened humanity to the need to protect this precious resource and restore our understanding of water s sacred – sacred wisdom, sacred means of communication, sacred teacher and sacred medicine. Let’s explore together!