Maximizing Your Quantum Energy to Stay Young & Healthy!

This life- changing, experiential presentation includes Quantum Touch for Health, Reflexology, The Fountain of Youth, Orgone Energy, Kinesiology, Breath of Fire, Mantra Breathing, Kombucha Mushroom Tea, and other powerful practices that help people avoid the negative aspects of aging. John has been a daily pendulum practitioner since 1974, using his pendulum to assist in making decisions and choices, both minor and major.

John Thompson – began his business life in 1967 as a Certified Public Accountant and seemed happily settled into a “normal” reality until 1976, when his spiritual/healing practice was jumpstarted with the first of 17 trips to the magical, mystical land of India. He has met and studied with some of the world’s most accomplished energy masters, including Sathya Sai Baba, Ravi Shankar, Amachi, Karuna Mai, Nithyananda and Dr. John Thie.