The Reality of Being Healthy

Imbalances in the body are caused by negative emotions that block the energy in the body that cause the organs to weaken and be out of balance. We will cover finding the percentages in your body, negative or excess of the elements, minerals, vitamins, that the body needs to have to function. The range that the body needs to be in for it to heal itself. How to bring the body back in alignment, using nutritional food, supplements, and pendulums infused with elements, minerals, and vitamins. Learn of the importance of the meridians and the organs that they lead to. Your health is your wealth. This work can also be done distantly. Do you know the real reason people get sick as they get older? Ask me! There will be handouts of class information and dowsing charts.

Jini Cerio – has been dowsing since 2008 when she joined the Fingerlakes Dowsers in Syracuse, NY, and has been a member of ASD since 2009. I have attended convention most of those years. I am a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Emotion Code Practitioner, Dowser, Reiki Master, and many other modalities. I dowse daily, at any time my pockets, purse etc. will have a group of pendulums in them, and yes there is always a pendulum in my bed. Through all the years of learning dowsing I have become a Master Dowser (According to my dowsing). I use dowsing in most of my health/wellness work, dowsing detail information in ways that most people are not aware of. I have also owned a flower shop for over 30 years and use dowsing in my business daily.