Dowsing Inception Points – Taking it Further

At the 2016 Convention in Saratoga Springs the president of ASD gave a workshop in which he mentioned the ancestral inception point cause of some problems or issues we might face. We have taken the inception point concept further in the context of psychotherapy. We have found that there are not only generational inception points but also past life inception points, current life inception points and problem specific inception points. This workshop will teach how to dowse to get the information necessary to then apply the protocols and invocation for scrambling the information of each type of inception point cause.

Glenn Cratty – has practiced psychotherapy for 40 years as a clinical social worker. He has been an active dowser for 20 years and explored dowsing applications in psychotherapy. As an Energy Psychology practitioner he has developed specific pendulums and protocols for the treatment of many problems encountered with psychotherapy clients and treated himself for his own cancers.