Dowsing the Hidden Universe

A typical person experiences a relatively small portion of the world while most dowsers experience much more. It is this expanded awareness that allows for a richer, fuller life with a higher understanding of the nature of the universe. Validation and acceptance of dowsing opens possibilities in using higher awareness to directly experience the unseen world. All people, especially dowsers, have the potential to utilize all twelve natural senses. Gary will share dowsing techniques to open awareness and release old filters to enhance our true intuitive selves. Believing is Seeing!

Gary Plapp – is a master dowser of 40+ years and a dowsing instructor, speaker, writer, inventor, workshop leader, tour guide and earth energy researcher. He conducts water/mineral dowsing and earth energy – environmental corrections for homes and businesses. Gary also conducts archaeological dowsing at sacred sites around the world including Africa, Europe, Latin America and the US. He has been an aerospace-research electrical engineer for 40 years, most recently at NASA – Ames Research Center. He is the founder and president of the Los Lunas ‘Willow Benders’ Dowsing Chapter.