Manifest with Greater Ease

The keys to manifesting with ease require a clear desire, belief and expectancy. But, how do we know how clear our desire is? Is what we think we want what we really want or what we think we should want? Is it really in alignment with our heart’s desires? Are there conflicting beliefs that cancel each other out? How open are we to receiving? This workshop will explore all of these issues and invite the use of a dowsing protocol to determine the percentage of alignment with your ability to manifest with ease.

Gale West – MA, MFA, IFSCP, CMMS, is an internationally known workshop leader and consultant. She has been a midwife to magnificent businesses and lives for the past 30 years, combining practical wisdom with heart-led intuition. She is passionate about supporting people who are making a difference in the world to monetize their gifts and create wealthy lives that make their hearts sing. Her soon to be published book, Money, a Healing Journey, invites readers to transform their relationship with money so that it can become an agent for divine love in the market place.