Gold is a strange material that we have too many preconceived notions about. We perceive it as money instead of paying attention to what it is, false value is an interesting diversion process. One form of gold is essential to all life as it is the facilitator of consciousness itself. We present some thought provoking material, physically, culturally and scientifically to focus on this aspect. Catching the thread of this is interesting as you already have many experiences that will be enhanced or correlated to this information. Gold is physical in several forms, like water, ice and steam. It is also spiritual and likely the medium of energy data transfer as seen in the Dowsing experience. Water is the biological and earth computer, gold is the electricity that allows it to run.

David Kane & Riki Kretschmar – I have a very mechanical, technical, problem solving background of nearly 50 years and Riki has an extensive spiritual and dowsing background of over 50 years. We never set out to study gold but it keeps appearing in our research. Riki was dyslexic as a child and developed other coping systems without realizing at the time. She was dowsing and using mind games since forever. My blessing is to have access to these wonderful tools as there were no books on our path of Ormus research.