Dowsing & Dreaming

In this talk Dr. Adhi will present ways to use dowsing as a means to change the dream as an individual and global practice. Adhi will cover the science behind what stimulates the brain wave patterns create change and support a better way of being. Shamans have known for years that patterns, sounds and actions shift our minds and bodies and during the talk you will learn techniques for exploring ways to work with your pendulum, rods and bobbers for greater change.

Adhi Two Owls – is a practicing Shaman, Healer, Artist and Dowser. Adhi’s research and PhD are in Therapeutic Counseling based on her work with traditional healing methods as a viable solution to trauma and building mental/emotional wellness. Dr. Adhi has been an active member of the American Society of Dowser since 2005 She chaired the Historical Preservation Committee, served as a trustee from 2009 – 2013 and as president for 9 months in 2015. Dr. Adhi teaches nationally and all over the world.