Power Up Your Brain to Prevent Dementia

Defeat brain fog, dementia and Alzheimer’s with Medical Intuitive Sue Singleton before they become issues! Understand them clearly, learn to identify their many precursors and ascertain your risk and urgency levels, based on past exposures, injuries and present brain condition. Among many precursors are repetitive minor head injuries, dental work, statins, steroids, gluten, food additives, anti-depressants, radio-active dyes, chemo, radiation, anesthesia, MRI’s, CT scans, EMF, low oxygen, cardiac/respiratory conditions, dehydration, sleep deprivation, candida, and much more. Sue leads you through a series of techniques to pinpoint, locate and clear pathogens, toxins, brain plaque, thought-field imbalances and help you discover how to detox and boost YOUR brain power, with basic creations from your kitchen, energy work, BMG, and algorithms! What’s in YOUR brain??