Dowsing the Cosmic Web: Plant & Human Interconnectedness

Throughout Human History, we have interacted with plants, which provide us with beauty, sustenance and medicine. In this session, we will open to the possibilities of interspecies communication between ourselves and our plant friends and medicine allies. When we seek a specific plant medicine, we can use evidence based scientific studies proving safety and efficacy of ancient traditional medicines. We can also employ the art of dowsing. The ancient art of dowsing has been a time honored system used by healers around the world as a sacred tool to measure and tune into vibrational fields that surround all plants, animals, humans and imponderable essences. There are many kinds of dowsing tools, including pendulums, dowsing ‘rods’ and advanced electronic field readers. Systems that do not employ any external tools, but simply use the body ‘stickplate’ of your own finger nail, or tuning into rhythmic swaying can also be learned and perfected. Dowsing can be utilized to prepare exact herbal formulas for each individual, evaluate correct dosing, methods of delivery, and prioritization of specific natural therapeutic interventions.