Light: The Terton Treasure of 2016

The earth has been harvesting enormous amounts of light since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Our planet is growing in “light” faster than what humans can handle. The great transition is ready to happen. Can humans hold enough light to follow?
Sleeplessness, Depression, Anxiety, Apathy, Inner Chaos, Aches in the body, Inability to focus, Falling prey to negative forces, are all symptoms of “light” depravation.

I believe that I am a keeper of several TERTONS (treasures that are hidden until humanity is ready to access them). I have developed a system to harvest light into our environments and into our cells using viles of Gold, a pendulum, and tensor rings. I can take a Bovis Rate of 2,000 to one million in a few minutes using these simple tools.

Learn about the amazing alchemy of gold and why it holds so many Divine codes. Nearly ever sacred place in the world is adorned with gold. Gold throughout the ages has been coveted. Without the right consciousness, gold is only a brilliant metal. Gold comes alive with right intention.

In order for the people of the earth to transition into the higher vibrations of light with the earth, we have to become keepers of “light”.
We can shift the chaos on the earth to peace by simply shifting our own “light”.