Linguistic Conversation – How Language is iIfluencing Our Way of

How would you translate the word “dowsing” in another language? Are you even sure
that this word (dowsing) exists as you are using it in English in other languages?
Children don’t necessarily have all the vocabulary that we have as adults, but yet
they don’t show fewer abilities than adults. Therefore, could the language be
considered as a barrier rather than a support in our dowsing? The purpose of this
conversation will be to expose the linguistic situation and to encourage people to
think about this situation and how they are applying their language in their
everyday dowsing.

Valentine Desplat is a native from France. I have a bachelor degree in International Trade and
Foreign Languages, as well as a master degree in Natural Language Processing on
Computers. My family had shown abilities in dowsing for a long time but yet never
talked to others about it. I have been working on the spirit word for all my life,
especially with people (alive or dead).