Energy Medicine Exposed, Free and Benefiting You

Today’s world is changing rapidly; can we keep up with it? We need strategies to
assist our bioenergenic field to keep it unblocked and flowing. Cultures everywhere
have ways to boost vitality as well as ways to maintain clarity and balance. We will
be presenting ways to fix your energies in less than a minute. Unseen pathways such
as meridians and the subtle fields such as the aura can be strengthen and nourished.
We will end this class with the memory booster!

Merrill Cook is a former computer programmer, recent LMT, and has a BS in Education.
She is the long time owner of Champlion’s General Store, a health food business in
Storrs, Ct. She is a master dowser and lightworker and has presented ASD convention.
She has studied Chinese herbalism, American herbalism, hypnotism, homeopathy and
Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine. Presently she has a growing private, energy practice
in the Possibilities Room at her store