Magic and Miracles: How to Place your Order with the Universe and get Results

Our minds, combined with our hearts, are truly magical! With gratitude, focus and action you will discover how to manifest what you desire. We are using only 5% of our abilities when we merely use our conscious minds. This practice keeps us stuck in ordinary realities. Flip the switch! The subconscious mind has the answers. Tune in and find the answers you need. Our subconscious and superconscious mind houses 95% of hwat is available to us. Tapping into that reality is as simple as dowsing. Learn techniques to tap into information that can release blocks, clear energies and move mountains.

Carolyn Kelley has a lifetime of experience in energy healing technologies, spirituality, eastern & western herbology, flower essences & quantum physics. She is director of Journey Within Learning and Wellness Center, “Facilitator of the Journey”, creator of Herbal Energetics/InJoy Organics products, all established to help humanity be conscious, healthy, & uplifted.