Dragons, Demons, Devas, & Doorways

This presentation looks at the geopsychic and psycho-spiritual issues that the practicing geomancer frequently has to deal with. We will study spiritual cosmology using the shamanic ‘world tree’ model of consciousness and look at how to traverse the paths within the tree and how to interact with the beings that inhabit the various realms. The session includes notes on psychic protection, protocols for dowsing in the spirit realms and some ’emergency procedures for when things go wrong.

Grahame Gardner has been interested in all things esoteric for as long as he can remember, particularly earth mysteries; and has studied and practiced widely across the whole spectrum of Western esoteric tradition, from shamanism to Kabala. He taught himself to dowse as a teenager when, after reading Tom Grave’s Needles of Stone, he made his first pair of L-rods from some coat hangers and proved to his own satisfaction that he could find underground water, cables and other utilities. Grahame is now a Professional Member, Registered Tutor and current President of The British Society of Dowsers. He hosts a monthly podcast for them called ‘Adventures in Dowsing’, moderates their dowsing forum, and has written several articles on dowsing and geomancy for their journal Dowsing Today, many of which have been published internationally. A founder member of The Geomancy Group, Grahame currently serves as Secretary and webmaster for them. He is based in Glasgow, Scotland, but travels extensively.