Map Dowsing

This course will explain to those attending how to use their dowsing skills to take a map of anywhere and by dowsing, retrieve information about the area or events represented by the map. The class will practice using all types of dowsing tools and a variety of styles of Map Dowsing. Bring your favorite dowsing tools. The more experienced you are at map dowsing, the closer you get to remote viewing.

Leroy Bull BS, MS, is a past president of ASD who served 16 years on the board. He has been dowsing for 57 years and has done 1700 water wells on 4 continents and 2000 earth energies jobs. He has been in the New York Times and in the Smithsonian Magazine along with many others. He is presently the International VP for ASD. He is the author of the book The Art and Craft of Map Dowsing.<br? This is a CD