Insights into the Infinite: A Journey Through the Water Glass

“What the Bleep” popularized something that Dowsers have long known: Water is a very impressionable substance, influenced by subtle vibrations of focused attention and intention. White Japan’s, Dr. Emoto froze individual water droplets to study how thought and emotions altered their structure, Cymatics, the science of wave formations, visibly demonstrates the dynamics of energetic systems in water and other flowing substances. Lifelike, flowing forms arise under the influence of audible sound, revealing a complex interplay of vibrations. These are “real” animations, not special effects – illustrating universal principles which explain how dowsing works, and how our past conditioning and expectations create the lens through which we perceive our world and thereby, our experience of life. This wide-ranging program employs a rigorous scientific method to demonstrate pragmatic spiritual principles. It is accessible to anyone with a willingness to entertain the inconceivable.

Audio CD