Table of Contents

ASD Schedule of Upcoming Events

Presidents Comments Barry Smith

Ray Machell, ASD Headquarters Provost

Past Presidents Comments Leroy Bull

Southwest Conference Announcement

Science Corner Dr. Ron Blackburn

From the Editors Desk Sally Dunn

Responsibility Greg Storozuk

Up, Up and Away Bob & Barbara Conary

Letter to the Editor Sandy Snyder

The Loss of Dr. Elizabeth Targ Douglas McIlwain

Finding a Yukon Hay Farmer Ron Weishahn

Dowsing and Architecture Kay Whitefield

Dowsing and the Human Soular Complex Steve G. Herbert

Vermont Dowsing Roots Ian Pegler

Mindless Missions Janie Tate

Reflections on the Epistemology of Dowsing Max Oppenheimer, Jr. PhD.

Getting Better Answers thru Proper Clearing Robert Hirschfeld

Dowsing Helped Avoid a Health Risk Shirley R. Jeffrey

A DowsingCreated Champion Ed Snedeker

Terry Ross Column

Great Dowsers of the Past MajorGeneral James Scott Elliot

Dowsing, Historical Archeology and “Emotional Energy” Part I