Dowsing While in the New Spiritual Paradigm


Take a look at the old Piscean Religious Paradigm and the new Aquarian Spiritual Paradigm and experience the difference. Learn more about how to experience as a Spiritual being having a human experience.
Heben Finnemore is a traveling spiritual wayshower who does lectures, meetings, workshops and spiritual consulting. In past lifetimes, he’s been a priest, a nun, shaman, medicine man, ship captain, leader of a nation, itinerant preacher, and many other avenues of expression. In this lifetime, he’s been a farmer, a communication specialist in the Army, an agricultural researcher in the USDA, a Methodist preacher, and he created and operated a moving business in Iowa. He is currently ordained with the Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards International Congregation. Heben does spiritual work because it is enjoyable and fulfilling.