Labyrinths and Megaliths of the North

DVD; Time 1:12; Recorded 2003

There are more labyrinths in Scandinavia than in any other place on Earth. The Vikings used them for ceremony – in many cases with the dead, and later – since the 16th century – fishermen on the coast walked them for a good wind and a good catch. They are found all around the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia. More recently, we have become aware of labyrinths in Northern Norway, of Samii (Lapp) origin, and ones in the White Sea in Russia, and out in the Atlantic in Iceland. In addition to labyrinths, Scandinavia has a number of the other lithic remains from huge rune stones and stone rows to unique vesica-shaped “ship settings,” that, like the Viking labyrinths, seem to be associated with burials. Using a digital projector, Sig will explore these mysteries of the past, and will also offer tools, including simple astronomical alignments, to use when building modern labyrinths today. Dowsing will be discussed throughout the talk, and it is aimed at those who have basic working knowledge of both divining and labyrinths.