Dowsing & Science; Divination & the Spiritual Path

Keynote Address of the 2003 ASD National Convention by Sig Lonegren

In both the American and British Society of Dowsers , there has, at least for the last thirty years, been a conflict between those who feel that dowsing is something that is ultimately provable to science, and those who feel that it is a tool for spiritual growth, and not within the purview of science, as its results in the intangible field are individual and un-repeatable. Sig will argue for a redefinition of the terms used for this ancient tool. “Dowsing” is associated with looking for water and other physical targets- the scientific aspects. “Divining’ speaks of the search for the Divine. Perhaps it is time to use this term for those who use their pendulums for healing, the Earth Energies, and other intangible targets. Sig will devote his address exploring this proposition.