Written by Mary Pedi

In July of 2010 my husband and I received an intra-village email from one of our neighbors, Karen Durham, announcing a three hour Basic Dowsing Class held at her home. Upon successful completion, we were immediately dowsing and becoming more aware of the metaphysical universe, spring boarding us into devouring as many books as we possibly could handle on the subject.

And this new desire grew and grew, and then it happened again, an email arrived in the Fall of 2010, announcing a visit from Karen’s close friend of 30 years who would be coming to the Villages to teach and to conduct private energy healing and regression sessions. And lo and behold, her dear friend is Sandee Mac!

During our private sessions, Sandee brought us to places and awarenesses where we have never been, with earthshaking and life-altering regressions. In the meantime, Karen continued to offer dowsing classes, increasing the amount of practicing dowers in the Villages. With continuing Sandee Mac guidance and mentoring, a small group of Karen’s friends and students decided to found a new chapter in the Tri-county area.

The location of the Villages Unity Church provided us with the perfect venue. Eager to reach more people, we brainstormed and decided to name the new chapter “Dowsers Unlimited,” and in February of 2011, we literally opened our doors with Carol Gader as our first exciting, guest speaker, who has an open invitation to return every February to an awaiting following.

We are officially known in the area and beyond as: Dowsers Unlimited: Opening Doors to Guidance and Knowledge.

The Villages, Florida, is an active retirement community, nestled in the corner of three counties, Sumter, Lake and Marion. The Villages community boasts of free golf for the rest of your life, free country clubs, thousands of activities and recreation, nightly entertainment, restaurants galore, shopping, and all accessible by golf cart. The community has reached a population figure of 90,000