Written by Mary Pedi

Before Webinars, attending the 2011 and 2012 conventions and workshops presented by Raymon Mike, there are some fine books on the subject of dowsing that are more than helpful in one’s search for definition, practical application and intuitive living.

The first book I would like to talk about is Pendulum Magic for Beginners by Richard Webster, a hypnotherapist and teacher from New Zealand. But it was not the title alone that attracted me to the book, but rather the additional jacket information stating: The Power to Achieve All Goals. “The book teaches you how to: communicate with your subconscious mind, find lost objects, help resolve health issues, communicate with spirits, explore past lives and use Huna rituals to achieve goals.” As Richard Webster said himself, “…your intuitive abilities will blossom.” I highly recommend this book because it covers in 13 chapters what every dowser should know and practice in everyday life.

The next book of interest is Pendulum Power by Greg Nielsen and Joseph Polansky. If you like history and the origins of things you will like Chapters 1 through 5. These chapters help one understand what the pendulum is in an interesting representation of the history of dowsing and the pioneers through recorded history who have advanced its practices. Chapter 7 is an eye-opener with chosen true stories of “Pendulum Power.” Other fields are discussed associated with the pendulum and dowsing such as: dynamic self-healing, becoming the master of your home, map dowsing, radionics, and much more culminating in their view that the blending of radiational physics, science, religion, art and their esoteric meanings all become a new religion (not traditional organized religion) in a new society as “the science-art of living.”

Lastly but definitely not least, we could not have been successful in our new chapter without the practical books by Raymon Mike and Walt Woods. We periodically present instructional classes with the information contained in Raymon’s book, Techniques That Work for Me, and we sell this book at Dowsers Unlimited and find ourselves restocking it periodically. Raymon’s sincere understanding and connection with the subconscious mind and the power in using the energy in the universe has been very instrumental in the lives of our membership.*

At one time, we would seek out Raymon’s workshops, but now he comes to the Villages and teaches at our chapter. What works great for us is combining Raymon’s knowledge and practical applications with Walt Woods’ little books, Letter to Robin and Companion to Letter to Robin. Walt’s instructions on how to program one’s Super Mind is a very valuable tool in a dowser’s life. We add this technique to classes we present giving the classes extra power and unification.

All of the above led us into more advanced and unique readings such as: an updated original work of Dr. Herbert Parker by Carol Gader, Dowsing Your Health: Including Dowsing Charts for Personal Health and a transformational book by Christina Lynn Whited called, Meditations With Mary: Lessons From The Holy Mother; each exquisite lesson channeled through Christina.

*Please note that Raymon’s techniques have dramatically helped many of our members with their own true stories, but one member in particular to mention is Linda Rosenbaum, a pioneer in her own rite, with her own very personal and awe-inspiring memoir, My Husband Has ADD: and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed our Life.