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Dowsing with a Pencil

Dowsing Information and Artifacts

Raymond Willey’s notes from the first membership meeting of the American Society of Dowsers.

First Membership Meeting

History of ASD to 1985

Terry Ross’s address given in 1985 marking the 25th anniversary of the American Society of Dowsers.

History of ASD

A short article detailing important considerations when learning to dowse with a pendulum.

How to Dowse Trifold

4,3,2,1 Handout   – A four page booklet with simple tips and information for beginning dowsers.

Dowsing Methods Trifold

By-Laws   –  The American Society of Dowsers governing laws.

PPM  –  The American Society of Dowsers Policies and Procedures Manual, detailing the operations of the society.