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Tick Gaudreau – Spirit Rescue
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Beverly Rubik – 5G and Your Health (Audio)
Beverly Rubik – 5G and Your Health (Video)

Marty Lucas – “DNA and How it Interprets the World For You” April 2020

Raymon Grace – Stretching our Limits!  March 2020

Roxanne Louise – February 2020

Heather Wilks – January 2020

Alicja Aratyn – November 2019

BioAcoustics – The Frequency of Sound with Sharry Edwards

Jeanne Gehringer – September 2019

Richard Feather Anderson
Downloads Handout 1 and Handout 2

Robert Egby

Leroy Bull

Richard Feather Anderson
Download these handouts Earth Energies Defined Recordings and Booklets

Ellen Kamhi
Download these handouts Electromagnetic Fields – Kamhi 5G Hand-Out Blue 2019 – Kamhi

Pat Delafield

Robert Alcorn

Jean Slatter

Barbara Stone

Ginette Matacia Lucas

Gladys McCoy

Lee Ann Potter

Susan McNeill Spuhler

Alicja Aratyn
Intuitive Dowsing

Dr. Robert Gilbert
Vesica Institute

Brian Besco

Madis Senner

Nancy Baumgarten

Roxanne Louise

Sandi McKenzie

Tick Gaudreau

Ginette Lucas