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Please read THIS INFORMATION from New Paltz before calling.

Please call 845-257-2356.  Office hours are 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. Deadline is May 30.**

*subject to change


ANNOUNCING ROBERT GILBERT, Ph.D. as our Keynote Speaker on Saturday evening, June 16, 2018

Practical Applications of Crystals using European Vibrational Methods

Throughout human history, traditions all over the world have applied stones and crystals for powerful healing and for activating the human energy body.  In this fully illustrated presentation, Dr. Gilbert will share his 30+ years of intensive research.  This Keynote Talk will feature both classical and cutting-edge methods, including modern applications of European Vibrational Dowsing which can instantly reveal the hidden healing vibrations locked within each stone.

Topics which will be covered include:

* The Hidden “Stone Medicine” of Daoist Chinese Medicine

* Crystal Science in the Himalayan / Vedic Tradition

* The Work of Marcel Vogel and the Power of True Vogel Crystals

* Creating a Stone Vibrational Matrix: The Breastplate of Aaron and the New Jerusalem

* The Ancient Egyptian art of Faience: Creating Stone Amulets

* The “Universal Vibrational Spectrum” of all Vibrations which affect Energy & Consciousness

* European Methods to Dowse Precise Vibrational Information

* Key Discoveries of French and German Vibrational Dowsers

* Modern Artificial Treatment methods which destroy the Vibrational Powers of Stones

* Using Vibrational Dowsing to Identify Stones which have been Artificially Treated

Dr. Gilbert will be offering a half day workshop on Sunday, June 17 from 1:30-4:30.  CLICK HERE to read more about it

with Rev. Alicja Aratyn M. Eng. as our Keynote dowser, presenting Friday evening, June 15, 2018.

Quantum Dowsing
(Encoding the Mystery of Dowsing)

Dowsing, however not treated on a professional level by most people, has existed and supported humanity for millennia. Prophets, sages, wizards and witches in the past, and nowadays scientists and business people use dowsing to resolve and improve their affairs.

Let’s take a trip into the core of the human psyche and modern discoveries to properly understand why it is crucial for people to dowse.

Some of the topics of Alicja’s presentation will include:

    • What is Dowsing from Physics and Meta-physics point of view
    • Meditation vs. Contemplation and what they have in common with Dowsing
    • Nature and Natural Laws in respect to Dowsing
    • Colors and Vibrations in relation to human anatomy
    • The role of Negative Green in Dowsing
    • Remote Viewing and Dowsing
    • The relevance of Zero-point Energy to Dowsing.

In this very visual presentation we will examine the phenomena of dowsing from many points of view to re-discover the importance of this oldest divination modality.


ASD is excited to announce the Workshops that are now available on Wednesday, June 13.  Wednesday Full Day Workshops and School

Thursday Workshops are HERE!

As we prepare for the 2018 National Convention here is some helpful information!

We have scheduled the 2018 National Convention at SUNY-New Paltz, NY. Dates are June 13-18, 2018.

Vendor Opportunities CLICK HERE

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Schools and Workshops are NOT included in the Convention rate.  There are additional fees for these.  Schools and Workshops are hands-on half or full day specialized instruction.  Schools and workshops are held pre and post convention.  We require a minimum of 5 registrants to hold a half day and 10 registrants for a full day.   You do not need to be registered for convention to sign up for a workshop or school.  Register NOW for Convention 2018

The convention kicks off with the Opening Ceremony after dinner on Thursday evening.

You do not need to be registered for convention to attend the Annual Member Meeting, but you do have to be a member in good standing.

Vendors and bookstore are open to the public.

Lodging will be available on campus.  Please call 845-257-2356.  Office hours are 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. Deadline is May 30.**

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact headquarters at 802-684-3417.

Current Convention *Rates:

Member-Convention  $319.00
Member – 2person Convention  $481.00

Non Member-Convention $382.00
Non Member-2person Convention $557.00

Schools and Workshops:
Member $152.00 Full Day/ $84.00 Half Day
Non Member $179.00 Full Day / $95.00 Half Day

*Rates DO NOT include housing or meals


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Convention recordings are available through the ASD Bookstore.

“Just wanted to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication!  You really went above and beyond to make this a great 1st convention for me.”

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“I am a member of the ASD. My wife and I attended the convention this year in
Saratoga Springs. We really enjoyed the classes and facilities. This was our
first convention and hope that it is the first of many more.  We attended
the 2 full day workshops, foundation and beyond the basics.  We learned a
lot and enjoyed meeting everyone.  We both hope that the convention was
successful from the ASD standpoint as well.  Thank you for providing such a
nice and well done event.  We really enjoyed the town also. There was plenty to do and see.   Thanks for doing such a good job! ”

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