ASD Digest Article for Spring 2011 Science Corner

As this will be my last Science Corner article, I thought I would review the verified dowsing articles already turned in to HQ.  As most know, I have encouraged all dowsers to submit their verified stories for the archives for ourselves and for future researchers.

A synopsis shows:

Dowser Dowser Activity Verified by Date of verification
John Wayne Blassingame dowsing well Les & Elaine Mills
Carl Bracy finding lost bicycle Greg Field Mar 19, 2010
Bess Cutter dowsing well Morrison Walker and Porky Cutter ?
Carol Gader located lost ring Sophie Glasser Jan 5, 2009
Carol Gader dowsing well Janet Sherman Nov 12, 2008
Carol Gader dowsing well Kevin & Leisa Thompson June 30, 2007
Edith Green dowsing town well Kate Daloz 2004
Marge Hefty located missing object Jasun Light
Inez Lindsey locating propane leaks remotely underground Louie Dewey July 17, 2008
Louis Matacia locating lost wallet Rachael Ferrell Feb 20, 2006
Joe Smith dowsing well Ervin, Royce, Ryan and Rod Gobber June 29, 2009
Atala Dorothy Toy talking to the Earth Energies Anna ?
George Weller finding lost Passport Card Tonie Weller April 7, 2010
George and Tonie Weller finding lost deed Elizabeth Robbins & Barbara Sager Just after 2004 Dowser’s convention

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John Wayne, long time dowser and institutor of a southwest ASD chapter dowsed a well for Les and Elaine Mills of Hebron, NH.  They report that the well driller hit 15 gpm at 520 feet with no signs of rust, just what they needed for geothermal heating.

Carl Bracy lives in California.  Greg Field who lives south of Hartford, CT sent in verification that Carl remotely dowsed the location of more than one stolen bicycle and they were recovered.

Morrison Walker, an old time local Virginia Beach well driller drilled three dry holes.  Although recovering from walking pneumonia, Bess Cutter dowsed a well for him telling him the depth and flow rate they would find.  She and her husband Porky hung around while it was drilled.  The skeptical drilling crew laughed at the absurdity of dowsing, but were amazed when the well came in 10 feet shorter than predicted, but right on the money for gpm.

Janet Hope Sherman sent in a report that Carol Gader located ideal spots for her dug wells that now provide excellent gravity feed water for their house and farm in Madison, NH..  Carol was also called by Kevin & Leisa Thompson who were in a panic after drilling three expensive dry holes.  Carole picked a spot about 250 feet from the house in a thickly wooded area which would require clearing and a long deep trench and pipe.  It was not a spot where the well driller was next going to try.  They finally went along with Carol’s recommended spot and drilled.  They hit well over 20 gpm at 280 feet and nearly swamped the well drilling truck.  Carole was also called to find a missing ring.  Sophie Glasser’s husband lost his ring.  Over the phone Carole told him to look in his coats then sweaters.   No luck.  She said that the ring was “going in and out of the house with him”.   This inspired Sophy to look the pockets of in his carpenters pants.  And there it was in a small side pocket.

Edith Greene of Montgomery, VT usually dowses about 50 wells a year for new homes in the area.  The town became in need of a new water supply when in 1999 tests reveled arsenic in the water.  The town spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on scientific analysis and well drilling and came up dry.  They finally called Edith and ended up with much more than they needed, over 300 gpm. Although it was not exactly where Edith wanted it,  the community was very happy at finally getting water.  Then the state water test showed 76 ppb of uranium.  The limit is 30.  Amazingly Edith said she could move it.  Skepticism abounded, but the next test showed 6 ppb and the one after that showed 2.7 ppb  It was somehow basically going away.  All previous test and sanitary methods were rechecked and nothing could explain this decrease.  The town paid her original dowsing bill for $400, but refused to pay her second bill for $400 to move the uranium!  This story verified by the town council and by Manosh the well driller and by the author of this story Kate Daloz.

Inez Lindsey living in Southern California received an email from Louie Dewey at Cave Springs in Dunsmuir northern CA a good 700 miles away saying that he just found out that he lost 1,000 gallons of propane due to a gas leak in old underground piping to 16 cabins.  If he couldn’t find the leak he would have to spend a lot of money digging up all the lines.  Could Inez help?  She said she had never dowsed for propane leaks, but would give it a try if he sent a diagram of his property..  He did.  She dowsed and marked the locations and faxed it back. The people with gas detecting equipment discovered she was very accurate.

Joe Smith map dowsed map section 27-4-2 of Nemaha County Nebraska for Gobber Farms indicating a good water supply in the south west corner.  When they eventually drilled the location he dowsed March 16, 2009, the 16 inch well at 145 feet deep pumped 1,300 gpm which was all the pump could do.  In the previous couple of years the driller had produced inadequate holes and one up to 100 gpm, but still inadequate for irrigation.  Joe also dowsed two other wells that produced 400 gpm each and another that produced 700 gpm. for other farmers.

Louis Matacia got a call from Rachel Ferrell Feb 21, 2006 asking for help to find her lost wallet.  The previous day she had somehow lost it between several different places.  Louis narrowed down its location.  He got that it had fallen down into the booth at the restaurant she had eaten at the previous evening with her friend.  She went back to the restaurant and after much struggling to move the booth chair.  She found it in the far depths of the corner.  Louis had mentioned something green.  The booth was red, but the wall and floor where the wallet was hidden were green.

Marge Hefty received a call from Jasun Light requesting dowsing help to find a special object he had found in Colorado some 20 years ago but now was lost.  Over the phone Marge narrowed it down to his house, his bedroom, and two feet off the floor under a pile of more than 20 books where Jasun found it buried.

George and Tonie Weller wound up at the home of Elizabeth Robins a stained glass artist after the 2004 Dowsers Convention attempting to deliver a painting won by Barbara Sager in a Water For Humanity raffle.  It turned out Elizabeth’s mother had died two days ago and had deeded the two properties to her since she looked after her for so many years.  Although Elizabeth had searched in both properties, the deed was lost -and now there would be a family battle as to ownership.  From the time of her request for help, it was only 10 minutes before I handed her the deed.  Tonie’s dowsing rods had taken us to the other house and to an upstairs closet.  I found the deed in a shoebox full of old Christmas cards that I guess her mother had been looking at.

George Weller lost his US Passport card after returning from a trip to his oldest sons in MD.  Using the thumb/index finger pull apart method, I narrowed it down from Md, the car, points on the trip, to our house and then to papers in our computer room. Upon investigating, it fell out of a folded chart.

These reports are the tip of the iceberg of verified dowsing experiences that you dowsers have had and continue to have.  I encourage you all to keep sending them into HQ.  They help to overcome skeptics and increase membership.  Anyone wishing to analyze or verify or write stories about dowsing can access the full documents at the American Society of Dowsers headquarters in Danville, VT

ASD former Treasurer and former President.

PS:  The reason I am giving up the Science Committee chairmanship is not that I am loosing interest in chasing the elusive science of dowsing, but that I  am having to spend quite a lot of time on a new project. It is the CAN-USA PROJECT.   The project is investigating options and trying to institute some sort of Canada/ USA Common Market, like in Europe where after entering the EU, there are just signs saying what country you are entering.  Canada and the United States are the world’s most friendly countries and the world’s largest trading partners, but are beginning to erect the world’s biggest barriers.