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Dowsing to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Written by Margaret VanLaanMartin

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the Lotus Guide Directory for Healthy Living.

Removing Bad Habits
My favorite use for dowsing is for bad-habit removal, especially serious habits and addictions. I was first introduced to dowsing for habit removal during a Gold Country Dowsers* meeting, where I witnessed a bad habit physically leave a volunteer who wanted her bad habit removed. It was then that I knew dowsing was something I wanted to learn and teach.

When I tried dowsing for bad-habit removal on myself the first time, I removed caffeine, procrastination, and being late to meetings and appointments. The outcome is—I am never late. The stress and anxiety caused by procrastination have changed to ease and flow. I easily make time in each day to work on projects before deadlines. I stopped caffeine completely and in a later session I successfully removed french fries, ice cream, and doughnuts from my desires and menus.

I have found dowsing to be an extremely successful process for my clients and myself because it removes the habit energetically from the body. Once the habit is gone we can then fill that space with something desirable. As a healer and teacher I delight in hearing the happy outcomes from clients who once had various obsessions, cravings, and addictions. To mention a few: nail biting, alcohol, specific negative foods, caffeine, procrastination, and smoking.

You Must Be Clear About What You Want
You must be clear about the specific bad habit you want to quit for dowsing to be the most effective. Be precise about how it has affected you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Be clear about why you want to stop your bad habit, followed by what energy you intend to put in its place.

As an example, you would not say, “I want to remove sugar from my life.” It is better to say, “I want to remove ice cream from my life” (and only if you really do want to remove ice cream from your life). Being specific is important.

There will be a space left in your body that used to want ice cream—you will want to choose something that you really enjoy to replace it with. Unless you are a fiend for broccoli, even with dowsing you won’t get as good a result unless you choose a replacement you are crazy about. So choose something you like that is realistic, perhaps fat-free flavored yogurt or something you can envision yourself easily enjoying.

Dowsing and the Subconscious Mind
When you were young you assimilated the life around you; the behavior patterns you observed helped you to fit into your family and society. But the family may not have had the best tools. Society has changed. Negative situations occur in life that you may think you have overcome and forgiven, but perhaps have not. When a similar situation comes up, your anger will reappear suddenly, and you don’t know why.

We also hang onto behaviors we were taught as children. Perhaps your mother gave you a treat when she wanted you to do something for her that you didn’t like to do. Or she gave you candy to be quiet around the house, or to calm you down when you were hurt or upset. When you are older, you will give yourself treats for the same reason. Because you handle the money and the goodies, you may overdo the treats and become very overweight. You won’t realize that it was your childhood that trained you to do these things. These issues are easily addressed by dowsing because of the way dowsing interacts with your subconscious.

A Tug of War Between You Conscious & Unconscious Mind
For instance, any time you call upon willpower to make some sort of change, you are using your logical, rational, conscious mind to set it in motion. You spend a lot of time thinking about your goal, perhaps drawing up a detailed plan that you can put into action. You tell yourself, “I can do this. I will put these steps into action and I will succeed.” But many times that’s not enough. It is not lack of willpower—it is a tug of war between the conscious and subconscious mind!

If you call on willpower to make life changes—lose 20 pounds, quit smoking, or tackle a big project—you can check to make sure your subconscious is in agreement by dowsing. If your subconscious doesn’t want the change to happen, most likely it won’t. That is worth repeating: You will not be successful in reaching your goals unless your subconscious is open to the idea.

To understand what is going on inside the subconscious mind is a good place to start dowsing. The dowsing process helps to remove obstacles—both to the goals we want achieve and to the intuition we want flowing in our lives. The clearer we are, the more accurate our dowsing will be.

Dowsing is a fun way to “knowing thyself.”

*Gold Country Dowsers (Oroville), Sharron Hope—530-534-3516,

Dowsing for ADD / ADHD

Written by Linda Rosenbaum

Basic Dowsing Techniques

Described by one who successfully does this for himself – on a daily basis

adapted from the work of Raymon Grace; healer, teacher, and author

It appears that an unbalanced brain is the cause of many problems for those with ADD……..

This effective exercise to balance the brain takes only one minute or less. It should be done daily, two to three times a day- by the one afflicted (or someone else on their behalf) as continuing maintenance.

Ask that the pendulum swing clockwise, coaxing the pendulum if it is sluggish, by swinging it clockwise yourself. (This exercise may be done out-loud or silently.)
Request your desire and intention for balancing the brain, using the following words…………“Please balance my brain (or name of intended); left brain to right brain, getting the blood flowing freely as it nourishes the nooks and crannies of the brain. Continue to spin clockwise until my brain (or person intended) is balanced to 100%. Spin as long as you need to, and then you may stop. Thank you”.
You may also ask that – Awareness, “for sharpness and clarity” be brought to 100 % at the same time. (Unawareness is a very common ADD symptom.) Adding this seems to increase the effects and enhances success for some people. This healing can be done for anyone – anywhere in the world, just by mentioning the name of the person you wish to heal. (It’s all about intentions…and they do not need to be present.)
The results could be almost immediate. The ADD person may not feel any differently… although others may notice a new demeanor and daily performance improvement. To quote Thomas Edison: “What is electricity? I don’t know, but it’s there, so let’s use it.”
To calibrate, you may ask that the pendulum point to the percentage number that the brain is balanced at- both before and after this exercise, by drawing a simple chart- a half circle of numbers will do (from 10 to 20, to 30, etc.- to 100). The goal: to remain at 100%.

For more information, we recommend the book My Husband Has ADD and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life.

Co-Creating Aromatherapy Blends with Dowsing

Written by Kathryn Lustig Mongillo

Through dowsing one can communicate with the higher self of the person and the nature intelligence of each essential oil and determine which oils would be the most beneficial for the intended use, the exact proportion of each one to be used, and even the required dosage and method of use.

Joining ASD will enable you to enter the members only section of the website where you’ll find step-by-step instructions that can be used not only for co-creating custom aromatherapy blends, but also can be applied to making herbal products and vibrational essence blends as well. It has been my experience that working in partnership with nature and high self has led to the co-creation of products and remedies that are in complete harmony with nature, and have increased resonance, synergy and effectiveness for the being or environment for whom the were created.