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Since 2000, the Tesla Institute of Radiesthesia and Radionics (ITRAD), has provided advanced consulting services in the areas of people’s well-being, harmonization and cleaning of homes, businesses and environments. We are accredited instructors for teaching classical, advanced and Kabbalistic radiesthesia and also radionics. We are manufacturers of radionic instruments, with dials and including Malcolm Rae magneto geometric pattern and also specialists in the elaboration of Rae style cards.

Dowsing continues to be the core of my life’s adventure. Teaching, learning and experiencing the ways of using dowsing in all its forms (tools, body, intuiting) opens the door to many opportunities. Dowsing began earnestly in the early 90’s with connecting to vibrational frequencies through the use of dowsing in facilitating life changes. Teaching the use of tools whether external or internal is critical to humanities growth in understanding of our nature as energetic beings and the relationship this brings with everything around us as well as in us. Sharing this through individual sessions, group meetings, classes is important for my own growth as well. Currently travelling and teaching/sharing as I go but somewhat located in Hamilton, ON. Past President Canadian Society of Dowsers, Past President Ottawa Dowsers, Editor Dowsers’ Link CSD

Since 2010 I have been recreationally performing in both fields of map dowsing and remote viewing. Professional services offered are location of water, oil, gas, precious metals and treasures. Electrician by trade, other interests of study are human psychology, parapsychology and space cosmology. As of May, 2017 I am offering professional map dowsing services.

We have been dowsing for 17 years. My husband and I drill water wells and divine all of our jobs. Please feel free to contact us with questions or about services offered.

Jeanie Pasquale was introduced to the art and science of dowsing in 2014. After witnessing the power of dowsing, which resulted in the sale of a home that had been on the market for 3 years, with no interest or buyers in sight. Intrigued by this, Jeanie went to Minneapolis, MN to learn dowsing for geopathic stress, vortexes, ley lines, interference lines, Hartman and Curry lines. Using her 20 years as a real estate professional, along with her intuitive gifts, she is now trained in dowsing. She has located a spring in Sidney Center, NY for a client’s vineyard. She uses thin copper rods to eradicate the negative energy she finds in homes and businesses.
She believes everyone should live in a dowsed home. “Just because you can’t see the negative energy, doesn’t mean it’s not there”, says Jeanie Pasquale.

Sophia Johanson Library and Press is dedicated to compiling and publishing texts in spiritual science taken from the public domain. Advanced Esoteric Dowsing involves Hermetic Principles revealed through a Gnostic 10 year chronicle. The series of books under “Anonymous” and “Sophia Johanson” use dowsing as a a tool which allows us to create a conscious bridge between the waking mind and the sub and superconsciousnesses . Julia Williams offers assistance with the published dowsing techniques through email and telephone, and does so without charge. Please see the Sophia website. The entire Library is free of charge at the new Alexandria IBase Library: (search Johanson).

Julia Williams has been a lecturer/vendor for the ASD East Coast conferences in New York State, North Carolina and Vermont. She recently was a lecturer/Vendor at the 2016 ISAR Predictive Astrology Conference in Costa Mesa, California where her lecture topic was: “Esoteric Dowsing and Astrology: Synergistic Modalities”. A dowsing article by Julia Williams was published in the premier issue of “Esoteric Gazing” magazine.