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Jay Kruizenga is a Michigan-based genealogist and a proficient grave dowser. His searches have discovered many unmarked graves, buried headstones, and more. See website at for greater details.

I learned dowsing from my father in 2003. He’d been doing it for as long as I remember and he taught me to find the area on my property to drill a well after a previous fail by the well drilling company.

I’m an energy clearing professional and I also teach others how to dowse to access their intuition and to use it as a guide. I’ve been dowsing for more than 15 years and my speciality is pendulum dowsing. My pendulum preference are brass pendulums and I especially like the Isis and Mer-Isis pendulums. I use dowsing for healing, accessing information about property, people, situations and more. I’m available for speaking, teaching and personal sessions.

Since 2000, the Tesla Institute of Radiesthesia and Radionics (ITRAD), has provided advanced consulting services in the areas of people’s well-being, harmonization and cleaning of homes, businesses and environments. We are accredited instructors for teaching classical, advanced and Kabbalistic radiesthesia and also radionics. We are manufacturers of radionic instruments, with dials and including Malcolm Rae magneto geometric pattern and also specialists in the elaboration of Rae style cards.