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Dowsing to Get Rid of Bad Habits

Written by Margaret VanLaanMartin

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on the Lotus Guide Directory for Healthy Living.

Removing Bad Habits
My favorite use for dowsing is for bad-habit removal, especially serious habits and addictions. I was first introduced to dowsing for habit removal during a Gold Country Dowsers* meeting, where I witnessed a bad habit physically leave a volunteer who wanted her bad habit removed. It was then that I knew dowsing was something I wanted to learn and teach.

When I tried dowsing for bad-habit removal on myself the first time, I removed caffeine, procrastination, and being late to meetings and appointments. The outcome is—I am never late. The stress and anxiety caused by procrastination have changed to ease and flow. I easily make time in each day to work on projects before deadlines. I stopped caffeine completely and in a later session I successfully removed french fries, ice cream, and doughnuts from my desires and menus.

I have found dowsing to be an extremely successful process for my clients and myself because it removes the habit energetically from the body. Once the habit is gone we can then fill that space with something desirable. As a healer and teacher I delight in hearing the happy outcomes from clients who once had various obsessions, cravings, and addictions. To mention a few: nail biting, alcohol, specific negative foods, caffeine, procrastination, and smoking.

You Must Be Clear About What You Want
You must be clear about the specific bad habit you want to quit for dowsing to be the most effective. Be precise about how it has affected you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Be clear about why you want to stop your bad habit, followed by what energy you intend to put in its place.

As an example, you would not say, “I want to remove sugar from my life.” It is better to say, “I want to remove ice cream from my life” (and only if you really do want to remove ice cream from your life). Being specific is important.

There will be a space left in your body that used to want ice cream—you will want to choose something that you really enjoy to replace it with. Unless you are a fiend for broccoli, even with dowsing you won’t get as good a result unless you choose a replacement you are crazy about. So choose something you like that is realistic, perhaps fat-free flavored yogurt or something you can envision yourself easily enjoying.

Dowsing and the Subconscious Mind
When you were young you assimilated the life around you; the behavior patterns you observed helped you to fit into your family and society. But the family may not have had the best tools. Society has changed. Negative situations occur in life that you may think you have overcome and forgiven, but perhaps have not. When a similar situation comes up, your anger will reappear suddenly, and you don’t know why.

We also hang onto behaviors we were taught as children. Perhaps your mother gave you a treat when she wanted you to do something for her that you didn’t like to do. Or she gave you candy to be quiet around the house, or to calm you down when you were hurt or upset. When you are older, you will give yourself treats for the same reason. Because you handle the money and the goodies, you may overdo the treats and become very overweight. You won’t realize that it was your childhood that trained you to do these things. These issues are easily addressed by dowsing because of the way dowsing interacts with your subconscious.

A Tug of War Between You Conscious & Unconscious Mind
For instance, any time you call upon willpower to make some sort of change, you are using your logical, rational, conscious mind to set it in motion. You spend a lot of time thinking about your goal, perhaps drawing up a detailed plan that you can put into action. You tell yourself, “I can do this. I will put these steps into action and I will succeed.” But many times that’s not enough. It is not lack of willpower—it is a tug of war between the conscious and subconscious mind!

If you call on willpower to make life changes—lose 20 pounds, quit smoking, or tackle a big project—you can check to make sure your subconscious is in agreement by dowsing. If your subconscious doesn’t want the change to happen, most likely it won’t. That is worth repeating: You will not be successful in reaching your goals unless your subconscious is open to the idea.

To understand what is going on inside the subconscious mind is a good place to start dowsing. The dowsing process helps to remove obstacles—both to the goals we want achieve and to the intuition we want flowing in our lives. The clearer we are, the more accurate our dowsing will be.

Dowsing is a fun way to “knowing thyself.”

*Gold Country Dowsers (Oroville), Sharron Hope—530-534-3516,

Dowsing for ADD / ADHD

Written by Linda Rosenbaum

Basic Dowsing Techniques

Described by one who successfully does this for himself – on a daily basis

adapted from the work of Raymon Grace; healer, teacher, and author

It appears that an unbalanced brain is the cause of many problems for those with ADD……..

This effective exercise to balance the brain takes only one minute or less. It should be done daily, two to three times a day- by the one afflicted (or someone else on their behalf) as continuing maintenance.

Ask that the pendulum swing clockwise, coaxing the pendulum if it is sluggish, by swinging it clockwise yourself. (This exercise may be done out-loud or silently.)
Request your desire and intention for balancing the brain, using the following words…………“Please balance my brain (or name of intended); left brain to right brain, getting the blood flowing freely as it nourishes the nooks and crannies of the brain. Continue to spin clockwise until my brain (or person intended) is balanced to 100%. Spin as long as you need to, and then you may stop. Thank you”.
You may also ask that – Awareness, “for sharpness and clarity” be brought to 100 % at the same time. (Unawareness is a very common ADD symptom.) Adding this seems to increase the effects and enhances success for some people. This healing can be done for anyone – anywhere in the world, just by mentioning the name of the person you wish to heal. (It’s all about intentions…and they do not need to be present.)
The results could be almost immediate. The ADD person may not feel any differently… although others may notice a new demeanor and daily performance improvement. To quote Thomas Edison: “What is electricity? I don’t know, but it’s there, so let’s use it.”
To calibrate, you may ask that the pendulum point to the percentage number that the brain is balanced at- both before and after this exercise, by drawing a simple chart- a half circle of numbers will do (from 10 to 20, to 30, etc.- to 100). The goal: to remain at 100%.

For more information, we recommend the book My Husband Has ADD and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed Our Life.

Focus: Getting There First

Written by Ginette Lucas

So dowsers, readers, fans, and students of all ages (including kids), where do I start to keep you interested in the field of Dowsing? I am going to share with you, and quickly educate you on how incredible dowsing really is for everyone searching for anything, including fun. When I say fun, I am not kidding. Do you play the lottery? Do you lose things, and cannot find them? Do you bet the horses at the track? Do you hunt for buried treasures? Read on and you will truly be astounded, learning from one expert dowser, a kid dowser (whom I might mention), and the daughter of internationally famous Louis Matacia, one of the forefathers and oldest living members of the American Society of Dowsers.

Well, I should start with the history of dowsing… OK, let’s not, and say I did. The American Society of Dowsers has a good article on the history of dowsing you can find on the website at If you feel so inclined and are a history buff, and an avid reader, the Januray 1996 issue of Smithsonian Magazine (the front picture of the article has a Vietnamese girl riding a bike on it) has an article defining dowsing, it’s uses, a history of dowsing, and it even mentions several of the American Society of Dowsers’ members and the ways they use dowsing. A little note: the article was written by a non-believer Jack Hope, author of the article. And he’s now a dowser, too.

I hesitate to start just anywhere, so that all readers can enjoy the topic of dowsing, although I will mention that this article will cover three missing person cases that I worked on with volunteers, supporters, authorities, and people who just care about their community. Let me remind you … do not kill the messengers who deliver the answers that dowsing provides.

So, let’s start with the actual work or projects that I receive regularly. I receive calls for the standard consulting (others might call them readings). I get called frequently for missing persons by family members, sometimes police, FBI, or volunteers. Calls even come in from buried treasure hunters, and of course that can also include ships, gold, mines, missing objects on a large scale, treasure locations, and so on. And kids. Yes, I get the fun calls, too. I also receive calls for ghost hunting or validating whether a house is haunted, or even if a loved one who has died is still in the house, or in the area causing unusual circumstances. Of course Ghost Hunting, or the death of a loved one’s presence, is an entire article on it’s own. And yes, I can communicate with the deceased.

I want to mention before I continue, you can call the American Society of Dowsers or any of its chapters, and there are staff, helpers, and volunteers who have time to walk you through your adventure or even your training on dowsing, so you are not left out in the cold. Don’t forget, you can become a member of the ASD at any age. You will come to know and love some great people with some odd ideas, ideals, and even some wacky approaches to life … but it is all in fun.

So, let me tell you about my work. I use a pendulum to dowse. And I use a pendulum to work on projects that involve something called ‘map dowsing’. Yep, we map dowsers are everywhere. I will tell you how it is done by telling you a nice ‘feel good bedtime story’ that will impress the boys in particular. This story is about General Patton. Did your ears perk up? Well, General Patton, a very famous General during the Second World War, was very interested in astrology, the paranormal, and even dowsing. He was probably as eccentric as my father. But that is what makes up the fabric of America. Some people take huge risks to explore an option or an opportunity that could pan out. So, back to the story. When General Patton finally landed in Germany he realized he was out of potable water. Patton was not out of supplies, but they were short on acquiring or even stealing WATER – yep, the other gold. He immediately remembered about water dowsers, sometimes also called Water Witchers. Remember this is a true story, this is not a made up true story … it really happened.

So, Patton, took a risk, then he informed his staff about the water problem during a meeting with his staff, and they analyzed their position and came up with a solution: map dowsing. Patton took immediate action and put a trusted Colonel on a plane to Virginia. When the Colonel landed, Patton had prearranged a meeting with a dowser who used a map directly handed from the Colonial showing where the American encampments were and a general area where they needed the water to be pinpointed. Keep in mind that the dowser probably had a large map and had to be very precise. A topographical map, also known as a topo map, is typically essential for water or pinpointing the location of missing persons. So coordination and communication with the dowser was crucial for the thousands of troops needing water for the war effort.

Once the task was completed the Colonel took the information and flew back to Germany – that same day. Patton had the well drilled the next day, and eureka! Thousands of gallons of water came out of the drill hole for all of his men. More water than they needed. I would guesstimate and say probably enough water for a small city. This was an impressive move on Patton’s part, with great risks of humiliation, but it panned out.

If you, as a trainee or student of dowsing, go out in the field (meaning searching for water or looking for missing persons in an area), or take a class in dowsing, you are now a dowser. If you use map dowsing, you have now extended your dowsing talents into various fields on the missing, not only missing objects, but also missing persons, buried treasures, ghost hunting, even finding important paperwork for legal cases, and so on. When dowsing for issues of well-being, for which I can absolutely say that I amaze myself with my abilities, you are furthering your dowsing pursuits. Let me make it clear that as with anything in life you must follow legal guidelines when working as a dowser. You don’t have to get a license unless you are consistently acting as a consultant. A consulting license in Virginia is $15.00; and you only need it if you plan on making a lot of money. There are no licenses in the United States for dowsing. Germany is the only foreign country where you better not play with the big boys without their permission. In their country it is a profession and the German government will put you in jail if you practice without a license. It is taken very seriously.

Now let me tell you if you are going to dowse for issues relating to well-being, you can actually get arrested. No joke, this is a serious matter. The following is an acceptable statement to help you move ahead, a legal statement from my lawyer that I actually use and put on tape for clients. I am not a doctor or physician, I cannot give diagnosis, nor treatment, but if it were me I would check with physicians on the following issues, or in the following physical areas. After you have educated your clients or friends, you can move forward safely and legally.

Author Ginette Matacia Lucas and her twin growing up

At home growing up, I was in second grade when the Marines landed in my back yard. General McMasters brought a few Marines and a camera to take pictures, and filmed the process of dowsing for training purposes for the Armed Forces. Yep, I was 7. Let me mention some sideline sibling issues for the girls. When General McMasters and his Marines were trying diligently to find water in my backyard in Falls Church Virginia (15 minutes from the Pentagon), they became confused and just couldn’t understand the process. So, my determined father called my older brother Tom out of the house. He was in 5th grade.

Tom, well, everybody loved my brother. He was an only boy with four – yes four – sisters. He was the major competition in the family, which leads me to the next part of the story. My father showed my brother how to dowse at age nine right then and there in front of the Marines (Officers and Enlisted). Tom used sliced coat hangers (also known as L-Rods), and another tool, one of my favorites, called a bobber, also known as the Cameron aurameter (and invented by Mr. Cameron – this one is a must have – it’s expensive but you can do a great deal with this tool). I stood there overlooked by my father, saw the process of dowsing and feeling the sensation of the pull from the rods, and thought to myself (competing with my big brother Tom), I can do a better job than he can any day, any day of the week! He’s only a boy. Well, Tom pinpointed a location in the yard, the Marines dug a small hole, and they found water. Oh my gosh, they were impressed because the visual element of the process was completed by someone else right in front of them. The Marines accepted the process and from there they excelled on their own.

Well again I thought to myself, they were a bunch of big boys, and who cares if the General is here or not. I thought, why are we looking for just a stupid bit of water? So, I jumped in to find out where the water is coming from, which direction it was coming from, and which direction it was going towards. Well, I did it and marked the spots and showed up my brother, just enough. Yep, it turned out little sister knew something. I was right with my information, and we followed the path of the water directly to a small underground stream, that my family didn’t even know existed in our backyard. Put that in your pipe and smoke it big brother Tom, as they say! Well, I never forgot that moment in time. And it came back to haunt me later in life.

All right, let’s move on to understanding how I find missing objects and persons. Early in my career, I worked on my first crime case when I was about eleven or twelve. I had already completed some good dowsing work, but I realized that just like going to elementary school to learn, I had to take courses to be a better dowser. My father Louis was known for lecturing and training people at colleges and businesses, and he invited me to one of his classes at a community college in Maryland. When he was speaking, I noticed how charismatic he was, and that he actually had something of value to say and offer the students. My father is a college graduate with enough college courses behind him for two Masters degrees. He is well cultured, because his parents (his father is Italy, and his mother is of Scottish and French origins) knew how important education was in all areas to ensure success. I was determined to take it all on.

Dowser and military man Louis Matacia with his infant child

When I was in Louis’s class, one of his students approached me and asked me if I would like to take classes from her. She explained that her background was in psychic work and astrology. I thought, why not, it’s an extension into the paranormal field. So, I learned about using my dreams, psychic development, and astrology, all at a young age. I was even lucky enough to work on my first criminal case, or missing persons case, when I was in 7th grade – yep, little ole’ me, working with Marlene Troxel of Frederick, Maryland, and the Frederick County Police Department. Who knew. Again, that story is another article…but the point here is that dowsing leans into all areas of the paranormal. Do not think it stands alone. Think BIG. Dowsing has arms and legs, it can point you in many directions, and it can push or pull you in various directions.

My first SUCCESSFUL case finding a missing person goes like this: I got a call from my dowsing friends in New York. They had a Polish background, they were dowsers, and they were superman and superwoman when it came to dowsing. They invited me to New York to learn and experience dowsing with an international flair in many areas. Additionally, they introduced me to a family who had a missing loved one. I was very sensitive to the case because it was a religious leader in the NewYork Community, a Rabbi. Fortunately for me, I “cheated”. I had had a dream the night before the family called, and the Rabbi literally came to me in the dream and told me who killed him, how he was killed, how he was transported, why he was killed, and the Rabbi even told me many details about his murder. I wasn’t shaken because the Rabbi was a loving person. He showed me the information in the form of a movie. He did explain to me that I would get a phone call and I would have to tell his loved ones that he was deceased. I wasn’t comfortable with following through on this part of his communication, especially because it was rather “out there” or etheric. He also told me to help his family find me. So when the family called I accepted the job.

I was flown to New York and worked with the family, as well as a Private Investigator on the case. After the interviews with the family I left and spent the evening with my dowsing friends. I sat on my information, and made sure I had all my details in place, before I gave the family the news and map dowsing location. I was lucky enough to deal with a church member too, and I gave her all the details. She was wonderful. I felt badly for the family, but I was the messenger bearing bad news … dowser or no dowser, the job had to be done.

The case with the missing Rabbi impressed many thing upon my brain. I was in my 20s and I knew at that time that my education was incomplete. I had not finished my undergraduate work, so to speak, and I had to be very sensitive in many areas. What I want to convey about this case is that I knew the Rabbi was deceased. I told the family that when I was dowsing with my foreign friends, I had selected an area on the map where the Rabbi felt like he was in a container. It was green and lit, and he was moving. You may ask, how did I know this? Well, when you dowse for missing persons or objects, if their location is different each time then you have to accept that they are being moved or SOMETHING is moving them… but what? So, I dowsed again, pinpointed an area by using many questions with the use of a pendulum, and I selected an area next to the beach. What was next to the beach? WATER. Where was the water? Well, wake up Ginette, I told myself, he’s in the water, he’s in a container, and he is probably bobbing up and down with the movement and flow of the water. So, I asked the next and very IMPORTANT question to the pendulum, where will this victim land when he is found/located. I then pinpointed on the map the exact area.

When I selected the area I saw a vision of two men, both in uniform. The uniforms felt like Marines or Navy, but I was sure of my perception…Marines. I felt and saw an industrial type building with a very high fence approximately 10′ tall that resembled a school. I literally saw the two Marines with officer insignias walk from the container from which the body was thrown out by force of water pressure, then the men were walking to inform someone that they had found the missing Rabbi. Bingo. A call came from the church member and she said I was right on the money, or you can say “Spot On”. This case gave me enough confidence to continue listening to my father, to continue working with the often difficult police, FBI, and any other individuals who wanted me to dowse out where a missing person would be located. I was determined to make a difference. I even thought, if I could bring home a few missing people, it would impact America or the world to utilize dowsing and escalate the opportunity for police departments to use dowsing. What a dreamer I was.

When I realized that I could do dowsing work, to find missing persons, I was exhilarated. I knew there was no stopping me. The article came out about the missing Rabbi and the girl who helped his family. Well, she was an afterthought and not mentioned at all (but the case wasn’t really about me or dowsing … it was about Rabbi Friedlander). Two years went by and then I started receiving calls from New York when the air cleared about the Rabbi’s story. The members told me that 24 psychics had been used to help locate the Rabbi and I was the only one correct. But remember, I have added tools: DOWSING. Hmm, idealistic approaches to life aren’t always a payoff. So, I wasn’t mentioned in the media, but I was given a verbal “we are pleased and good for you pat on the back”. So I moved forward with the realization that I had an uphill battle to prove that dowsing was outstanding.

Over the years I have found many missing persons, and I started losing count, but I never forgot the people or their personal stories or tragedies. So, now I have to tell you how I helped locate a missing man who was an executive, a former Georgian (Russian) diplomat, who went missing. He actually wrote a book about his terrible adventure. His name: Anton Tomazac, yep, old Anton, a highly educated executive, knew about dowsing. His book is Nevis, my second place of Birth. Nevis is in the Caribbean. It’s a good read. The basic background about this story unfolds in a familar direction. The family goes on vacation in the beautiful Caribbean. Hiking is one of the many tourist pleasures. They love the beauty of the land, the plants and flowers, the sky, the animals. But in this case the timing wasn’t too good.

When the call came in for the missing executive, I had just had a baby, my second child, and I was living in Northern Virginia recuperating. I was in my 40s. I received a call that was routed through New York through a psychic and dowsing group who were insistent to talk with my father Louis. I coordinate a few of his projects, but this time I had them explain their needs: a missing man. Ah ha, map dowsing. I was there, so I told them I was their go-to. They really wanted to talk with my father though, so I coordinated a call with my father, and had them ship all the documents to my house from the Caribbean. The hotel where Anton had been staying was kind enough to pay a small fee to take care of the babysitter and for gas. So, I did the work first and selected the dowsing sites that reacted. I then forced Louis to dowse the work and get the opportunity to visit with me (and my little munchkins). I was laughing to myself the entire time because I again used my psychic abilities to aid in defining more information to help in the location work.

While Louis was dowsing, I saw a chain link fence, very high – I mean very, very high – maybe 20 feet high with barbed wire and dogs inside the perimeter. I found that very odd. The dogs seemed to be German Shepherds and they were barking. I felt that they were trying to give “dog alerts” that we were in the right area. I used an unusual method for dowsing that only Louis and I are known to use. It’s called pathfinding. We follow the victim path, and then we land where the victim rests, DEAD OR ALIVE. Yep, it sounds very cold, but the reality factor in cases like these is very important. So, we both chose an area, but when we were dowsing we couldn’t feel the victim. That wasn’t good. I was worried that the hiker was dead. The signs and information I was perceiving were very specific that the victim had impacts all over his body. Impacts…well let me define impacts. Baseball players get impacts when they are hit by a pitch, football players get hit by players. That kind of impact. So what was the information that I was perceiving? Well, I pinpointed the reactions on my body and gave the information to the hotel to inform them that a hospital or doctor on call was needed. I told them the victim had a 10% chance of living because I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Again, I had to define what was given to me. Well, suddenly while we were dowsing again I saw a movie, a movie that showed me a man falling into a hole, a cave with bruising impacting his body. Ah ha.

There are important factors when dowsing that you, the dowser, can obtain. They are various signals, what I call clues, or even movie scenes or clips. Sometimes for me the information can come via a kind of post card format. Just an interesting note, after turning in the map containing the location of where I told the Hotel owners to search for Anton, I also told them about the high fence and the dogs barking. I just assumed that my hint or clue was a dog, a high fence with barbed wire, and I thought of authority figures. I selected an area and I defined the authority figure with something meaningful: a PRISON. And sure enough there was one near where Anton had probably fallen into a hole. Details about the prison were not included on the map that I was using. To my surprise the entire area was a volcanic environment, hence the holes in the ground, hence caves (which I didn’t know at the time). In addition, the hotel owner told me that there was a prison with dogs with a high fence, about 20 feet high. Great, we were on track.

Here’s how the story played out, and you can read about it from the victim’s book in his own words. Many people said they saw the executive in question bar hopping, or that they saw him out with women, drinking, and even police said that they knew they had seen him around. Wrong. Finally, a helicopter was hired to search the area that we had pinpointed. But by this time, Anton had been in temperatures in excess of l00 degrees for over 6 days. He had indeed fallen into a cave, and he heard the helicopter. The noise had inspired him to push forward and climb out. He had been initially paralyzed from the fall and survived by drinking his own urine. This is a true story of a man’s will to survive. Anton did not give up. He walked down the hill, he received assistance from people, and he was rushed to the hospital. The rest of the story is in his book in which I am mentioned. (Thank you Anton).

Want to read more? Follow the ASD Digest in August, and I will explore two high profile cases: the Chandra Levy case, the story of an ambitious intern in the DC area, as well as the case of Caylee Anthony, the missing toddler from Orlando Florida whom I also located. Keep going folks! There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Document everything you do with dowsing for your sake, sanity, and credit. And by all means become a member of the American Society of Dowsers if you are not already. It will be worth it. People from all walks of life are dowsers, and as you know dowsing is a skill that can be used in practically any occupation to help you and others around you.

New and aspiring dowsers, from left to right: Pamela, Shelly, and Lisa

I have recently encouraged three women who are taking training classes from me to become the newest addition to the American Society of Dowsers. Pamela Miltenberger from Texas, who is an incredible interior decorator and astrologer. Shelly, who wants to use dowsing to comb beaches for buried treasure. And Lisa Rapp, who is in the real estate field in Florida, was working a day job as a commercial leasing agent when she was laid off last December. Lisa is a dowsing student of mine and is learning how to use dowsing to help her find employment. Welcome aboard ladies! Additionally, I have recently worked with the Kentucky Moms Against Crime, and they are interested in dowsing and will become ASD members, too.

Ginette Matacia Lucas, in Virginia, USA. Oh, I’m a Lifetime Member of ASD folks. Thanks for reading!

How To Dowse

Written by Super User

Simply put, dowsing is the practice of using tools to interpret the answers to questions. Dowsers pose questions for which they are seeking answers, and while maintaining a clear and open mind, they interpret the movements of simple hand tools to affirm the answers to the questions they pose.

Dowsing has been a part of the human experience since the earliest days of recorded history. Using simple tools to answer questions and solve problems dates back thousands of years, and dowsing is one of the many ways in which we continue to use simple tools to our benefit.

As ancient humans learned to use basic tools and alter their environment, one of the many ways in which these simple tools were put to use is for locating objects of interest. The early historical record indicates that primitive human kind used forked sticks, and weights tied to strings, in their pursuit of food, water, shelter, and other basic staples of life.

Dowsing has been known by many names throughout history.

How To Dowse – Introduction

Written by Super User
Simply put, dowsing is the practice of using tools to interpret the answers to questions. Dowsers pose questions for which they are seeking answers, and while maintaining a focused and open mind, they interpret the movements of simple hand tools to affirm the answers to the questions they pose.

Dowsing has been a part of the human experience since the earliest days of recorded history. Using simple tools to answer questions and solve problems dates back thousands of years, and dowsing is one of the many ways in which people continue to use simple tools to our benefit.

As ancient humans learned to use basic tools and alter their environment, one of the many ways in which these simple tools were put to use is for locating objects of interest. The early historical record indicates that ancient humans used forked sticks, and weights tied to strings, in their pursuit of food, water, shelter, and other basic staples of life.

Dowsing has been known by many names throughout history. Some of these names include divining or divination, water witching, doodlebugging, and in Europe, biolocation.

There are a few important things to consider when you first learn to dowse. The first is that “dowsing works best when there is a need, not greed”. In other words, dowsers are most successful when their dowsing is attempting to address a valid human need – such as locating clean underground water so that people can drink and grow crops. Using dowsing for greedy reasons of self-gain are not appropriate.

Second, it is important to be focused and free of distractions whenever you dowse. It is a good idea to practice simple meditation techniques along with your dowsing practice. Dowsing requires a clear and focused mind, allowing you to direct your intention and receive clear dowsing responses.

And third, remember that dowsing is a skill and like other skills it comes quickly to some and slowly to others, and practically everyone requires practice to become proficient. Keep an open mind and stay positive while you learn to dowse. Learn from your mistakes and practice consistently, even if fcr just a few minutes every day. Learning how to dowse is fun and engrossing, so enjoy your learning experience and dedicate yourself to gaining proficiency. You’ll be there before you know it!

On the coming pages, you will learn about each of the four basic dowsing tools – what they are, how to use them, and how to establish a yes and no response. You will then learn about asking questions, the most important part of dowsing. Finally, you will learn how to improve your dowsing and use dowsing to achieve good in your life.

For more beginning dowsing tips, we strongly recommend you sign up for our free email series with over a dozen tips and techniques to help you learn and improve your dowsing.


Written by Super User

Simply put, dowsing is the practice of using tools to interpret the answers to questions. Dowsers pose questions for which they are seeking answers, and while maintaining a clear and open mind, they interpret the movements of simple hand tools to affirm the answers to the questions they pose.

Dowsing has been a part of the human experience since the earliest days of recorded history. Using simple tools to answer questions and solve problems dates back thousands of years, and dowsing is one of the many ways in which we continue to use simple tools to our benefit.

As ancient humans learned to use basic tools and alter their environment, one of the many ways in which these simple tools were put to use is for locating objects of interest. The early historical record indicates that primitive human kind used forked sticks, and weights tied to strings, in their pursuit of food, water, shelter, and other basic staples of life.

Dowsing has been known by many names throughout history.

What Is Dowsing?

What is Dowsing
by Joe Smith
There are numerous definitions for the name dowsing. Few mention that it is actually a way of life. People who get into dowsing, either for other people or just for themselves, learn to depend on the tools they use. Dowsing becomes a knowing; a dowser becomes like a lie detector or a weather forecaster. People use dowsing for the stock market, trip planning and for much more.
They use it to test their cows to see which ones are bred; they ask which watermelon is the best one for them.
They ask: Which vitamins do I need, and how many? Is this prescription safe for me? If so, how many do I take each day? There is no end to the ways dowsing can be-and is-used every day.
The name ‘water witching’ was used for years to describe the art of dowsing for water. People used forks of tree limbs, and some still do.
There was the idea that you needed a different type tree for a different need. Did it work? Yes, it did work because the fellow believed it would.
The answer is not in the tools you use; it is in your mind. Don’t discount anybody’s ideas; for them it works, and you can’t beat success.
Dowsing has been around for centuries. There is nothing new about it. Story after story of things the experts pooh-pooh have happened and have been recorded.
But really, who cares what the so called experts think? As long as I know from experience that it works, that is all need to know.
My wife and I teach dowsing and have for a number of years.
Every time we teach a class, we learn something new from the people in the classes. We don’t claim to know it all. There is always somebody who comes up with a new method, or even an old one, that we hadn’t tried.
We then mark that down in our memory book, which ain’t as good as it once was.
There is a whole other phase of dowsing, which is dowsing about detrimental energy, and finding it by dowsing. The dowsing tools are a lot more sensitive than any tool on the market today. This is just one more way that you can use dowsing. It might just save your life someday. All of these methods can be learned very easily if you just make up your mind that YES, it can work.
A dowser will go out of his way to help people find water, lost dogs, lost cats (which is a hard job), lost planes, people and anything else he thinks he can. There have been some amazing thing happen because of dowsing. Just today I learned some new methods for searching for lost items from an old friend. He was telling me different ways to do things, and they made good sense. The ASD is trying to find a good definition of what dowsing is. Me, I think it is just a way of life, something you learn to depend on in all your decision making. If you can come up with a better one, be my guest. Dowsing can be used for healing yourself. Of course, they don’t teach that in medical school. It doesn’t make the doctors and the drug companies any money. My wife and I have been doing this for a long time. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. A doctor can give you a sugar pill and you get well, because you believe you will. The pill didn’t do anything but you thought it would, and that was all it took to get you well.
Well, that is a deep subject. Being we are water dowsers and there are a few hundred other things we do with dowsing. My wife (Marta) and I have been dowsing for about 35 years more or less. I am a past trustee of 4 years and I am a Regional Vice President for probably that long. I was born in New Mexico in 1932 and worked on ranches every chance I got. I am a welder, farmer, dowser and dowsing instructor. My wife and I are well known in the dowsing world. For me, dowsing is a way of life! This is my first chance to write a novel that has a lot of facts in it!

Co-Creating Aromatherapy Blends with Dowsing

Written by Kathryn Lustig Mongillo

Through dowsing one can communicate with the higher self of the person and the nature intelligence of each essential oil and determine which oils would be the most beneficial for the intended use, the exact proportion of each one to be used, and even the required dosage and method of use.

Joining ASD will enable you to enter the members only section of the website where you’ll find step-by-step instructions that can be used not only for co-creating custom aromatherapy blends, but also can be applied to making herbal products and vibrational essence blends as well. It has been my experience that working in partnership with nature and high self has led to the co-creation of products and remedies that are in complete harmony with nature, and have increased resonance, synergy and effectiveness for the being or environment for whom the were created.

Map Dowsing

Written by Leroy Bull, Master Dowser

The basis for map dowsing is that everything vibrates to its own frequency, that we live in a primordial soup of frequencies or information, and that these frequencies are detectable. Or put more simply everything is out there in the vibes and is detectable by dowsing.

Since everything has its own special vibration or frequency, it is possible to sense substances from any place on the planet. From Maxwell’s theorem we learn that wave forms are direct, instantaneous, absolute and travel faster than light. Thus we can dowse, sense, pick up, or identify almost anything from anywhere. It behooves us to stay in the present, focus our intentions clearly and practice until we are able to discern these frequencies.

Body Dowsing

By Christine Hagey

Processing is the key and we can use body dowsing to pick up the areas that are in distress, listening with our hands and heart, and by doing this truly helps ourselves move and grow. This usually means less pain, less distress, less anxiety and a new feeling of reconnecting with ourself on levels we may have lost through physcial accidents, surgery or emotional trauma.

Body dowsing is a wonderful format of bodywork that makes the most of our natural kinesthesia, which is our ability to sense position, movement and tension through space. We more commonly refer to this as our tactile sense. Body dowsing deliberately pairs our empathy and intuition with this kinesthetic capability. By listening through touch we can train ourselves to pick up patterns that are out of balance within and around our physical body. We can learn to work in a much more tangible way with challenges that are held at emotional, intellectual and mental levels.

Beyond finding negative patterns, body dowsing can be used as a powerful aid in simply helping us to process in a fun and unique way. It is like moving mediation. We are constantly in motion and in process as we learn and grow. It is amazing to watch our hands glide and move as we follow the flow of our own energy in motion, in process; as we watch both learning and growth take place or reconnections bridge again or grow stronger. This is as wondrous to me as if we were suddenly able to watch ourselves thinking!

Body dowsing allows our subconscious to express and to process in a very fluid, gracious way – often this can ease the inner tension and anxiety levels that may have resisted all our best efforts with other healing formats. Body dowsing can be used hand in hand with any or all other therapeutic modes, even standard medical treatments. It is totally safe, non-invasive and gentle. We could easily call this “hands-off” bodywork since quite often it will involve working well off of the body itself, anywhere from skimming inches above to as much as several feet away from the body.

Getting Started

Getting Started in body dowsing is easy but as with all things, practice over time will give us the best results.

Step 1: Relax expectations: Remind yourself that this is your personal exploration; it’s an activity of self-love and nurturement. As such, the very practice of body dowsing is win-win for you no matter what you experience. We need to turn off our mental mind and logic which will always want to qualify and quantify. Set yourself towards feeling and moving instead of thinking and theorizing. There is no pressure, there is only practice. Typically it will take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks of body dowsing before you will feel yourself truly relaxing your expectations and picking up the flows with your hands. The more our mental belief codes and mind chatter relax, the more successfully we will be able to tune into what we are feeling.

Step 2: Relax the body as much as possible, with a special focus on shoulders and arms, since that is what we will be using to do our bodywork. Shoulder rolls, neck rolls and grasping our hands behind us to squeeze our shoulder blades will all help to release physical tension. If there is floor space available, you might also want to sit and stretch your spine or if you have favorite yoga moves those can be used.

Step 3: Tune Into Yourself and begin moving your hand above your arm, leg or other area in super slow motion to pick up any locks or cold spots or other such anomalies. There is no rule here…it is all going to be intuitive and fluid. There are endless ways that you may feel yourself moved – and each will be perfect timing in that moment.

In doing body dowsing we allow the flow patterns to present themselves to us. We are listening with our hands. Allow the tension and pain to speak out through movement along the body. In practice this will mean that we might feel a subtle airflow moving our hand along the body, likely above it rather than on it. We will feel these as whispers of some sort that are so very subtle we are not sure what to call them. With our kinesthetic learning style we can feel far more depth at any one moment than we can see or hear! That is why using our kinesthetic sense to body dowse with our hands can be the ultimate key to unlocking issues, pain or patterns that have held us back and for helping them to process and thus heal.

You will want to begin by moving very slowly about 3 inches above your body area of choice until you encounter an area that feels off in some way – this can be either something you physically feel or can simply be a knowing that you have no logical reason for. When you encounter this you would stop and keep your hand there hovering just overhead. As you do this you are focusing on that spot more effectively. Don’t try to put it into logical terms. Think via feelings. Do you feel that your hand is too close to the area, as if there is some invisible force pushing you away – not unlike how two south pole magnet ends repel one another? If so, continue pulling outwards away from the body until you feel you can hover there comfortably.

By allowing this spike of tension you have picked up to push your hand outward away from it, you may find yourself even 2 feet away from your body. That is fine. In fact, that is excellent because you can now *really begin to work on the extent of the pain. It emanates all the way out in the airspace to the boundary line where your hand is now hovering. It is this space between your hand and your body that is alive with charged (aka distressed) energy. If you ignored this area and simply placed your hand on the skin there you would be applying far, far too much force and healing would not take place easily or at all. But by backing off and beginning at the edge of the distress – as far out as you need to go – you will be truly allowing this ultra sensitive, charged area to finally be seen, be validated, be processed and thus, to be released. Don’t be surprised if along with that come sudden memories or smells or colors or emotions. You might even feel the airpace as buzzing or heated or crackling. However, don’t be alarmed if nothing comes with that except a feeling that you are relaxing “something” or that it feels calming.

There are no rules on what you can expect – and it’s all good.

As release happens you will feel your hand slowly begin to naturally move in… like you now have exchanged one of those southpole magnets for a north pole and the two are now drawn together. What you are really doing is kinesthetically feeling the contours of the distressed energy as it releases and becomes less charged. As this dissipates through your steady loving focus, the space between will grow shorter and shorter until finally your hand gently touches your body. The trick to remember is that you are not moving your hand…you are merely following the flow of the energy distress as it grows smaller and smaller, naturally drawing you back to the body. We can and will feel this if we allow ourselves to do so.

Body Dowsing is Moving Meditation. If we were to think about all the minute details we perform during one session of body dowsing, we would think it to be a hopelessly complicated technique to master. However our intuitive is aptly suited for this task! The more we can turn off our logic and allow our intuition and empathy to guide our movements, the more we will find ourselves moving effortlessly from one position to the next. We might work ourselves from head to toes and back again over and over.

There will be areas we “feel” we can touch more deeply, those that want to be lightly touched and areas that will not be able to receive touch yet. Often we will have each hand working as a team. We may be scanning our right arm from about 2 inches above slowly when all of a sudden we feel that we need to go down to our ankles, grab them both gently and just stay there focused on them like this …until we feel it is time to move on again. The timing of how long to stay in any one place is entirely keyed to reading the feelings of our body. This could be 10 seconds or it may be 2 minutes or longer. We may work with ourselves for a total of 30 seconds or we may feel we want to work for 30 minutes.

Not only will our intuition and kinesthetic sense be able to guide us from area to area in quick succession, but this will also tell us exactly how we must place our hands.

For example, perhaps we feel that our knees are wanting to be touched. When we move our hands there and place them on the kneecaps we might right away feel that this is the wrong position. So we listen to our knees through our empathy and feel we could begin by placing only the fingertips of our hands on the very central position of our kneecap. And we hold that there until we feel some tiny invisible click of release. That may be tangible or less tangible. But when we feel it, we will also simultaneously feel the urge to move our hands into another position. This is a key point: When we have succeeded in opening up an area we will naturally feel nudged to move one or both of our hands.

Whether or not we feel any releasing going on, we can rely on our sense of feeling like it’s time to move one or both hands – and when we feel this, that means we have aided our processing. If that processing had been stuck there for days, weeks or decades, it’s now been unstuck and we are allowed to move into new processing territory. For any issue or setback in our life there is an entire process of energy movement towards completion/ resolution – most of it taking place in our subconscious. We can facilitate this processing for ourselves through body dowsing. The best part about body dowsing is that we each come standard with the empathy, intuitive and kinesthetic sense we need to do this for ourselves. We need only practice to flex and build the “muscle” of pairing these together and working with them formally. Body dowsing can be used as a celebration of being alive or can be equally valuable as a powerful healing tool that we can do anywhere, anytime.

Chris Hagey lives in Troy. In addition to facilitating bodywork sessions and giving small group lessons in the SE Michigan area, Chris shares energy flow dynamics through her website