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Dowsing a Labyrinth

Today they are believed to benefit their walkers by relieving stress, expanding one’s aura, balancing right/left brain functions, calming children with ADHD, and aiding in communication with the unseen world. Mostly they are fun and make one feel good.

Having designed more than 150 labyrinths over the past 20 years, I have many insights and stories to share with dowsers. The most important suggestion is; every permanent labyrinth needs to be dowsed in place in order to insure the highest good from its use. Without dowsing labyrinths have been known to cause wells to go dry and basements to flood.
The entrance to Stargate, a labyrinth I build in NC for an art show in 2009.

By Marty Cain; Artist, Dowser, Geomancer, Writer and Life Member of ASD.

Healing with trees

Trees are our friend in many ways and they are more than willing to help us in this journey.

In order to start this exercise, we must know some dowsing technique in order to get a yes response.

First of all, we inform those that are interested in this journey, to follow our instructions.

What I do is to demonstrate how it is done, seeking a tree, finding the door and then the hearth. I hug the tree and wait a few minutes.

I ask them to repeat the same procedures.

They must choose a tree that is willing to accept them and experiment this technique.

Having done this, we ask for the door of the tree.

By rotating around the tree, we point with our hand or finger where the door is.

Then by putting our hand above our head level, we slowly descend our hand until we get a response from our dowsing tool, we have identified the heart of the tree.

We then put our hearth in the same location; we had found the hearth of the tree.

For some reasons, we cannot reach the hearth of the tree, we simply state that the hearth of the tree will arrange itself to send the vibrations where we can feel it.

Some will choose some awkward tree, many branches or a tall or big tree. Make them feel at ease because there is a reason for this.

They may be 2 or more person on the same tree, this is not a problem.

We hug the tree and we start a simple dialogue with the tree.

We thank him for his acceptance, his cooperation and to help us experience the hearth beat of the tree.

We should get a response within 5 to 10 minutes.

We must ask them to be silent and stay hug to the tree.

Some people will get a quick response while others will take longer.

After 15 minutes or more, we ask the group to regroup and we then ask what they have experienced, how they felt the hearth beat, other dialogue that they had with the tree.

This is the first step in getting people involved with this procedure.

I will write the second phase of this experiment later on, so become a member so you can read it.