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I am a North Carolina resident. In the year 2000 I took the advanced dowsing course from master dowser Leroy Bull. I have had
great success in locating treasures including the ancient golden tomb for the museum in Ecuador IN 2009. Natural deposits of
gold silver platinum and jewels are also much quicker and easier to find from a dowsed location.

My life dowsing sites in person and on location, as well as map dowsing and remotely viewing from hundreds and thousands of
miles away, has been very exciting and rewarding.

It is a privilege to help others with finding what they are looking for much more easily and quickly than could ever be done without
an experienced dowser pinpointing it for them..

To whom it may concern,  I have known Bob Thomason for many years. He is an honest and straight forward man of his word. A few years ago I hired him to help locate a gold deposit in Arizona.  Because of his help and direction I claimed a section of state land in Arizona. Ongoing testing of the ground to date has revealed placer gold at a mineable level. I would certainly recommend Bob, to anyone, wanting help to locate a gold deposit. I would also feel confident in acting upon his expertise. Thank you, Rich F

Phone Number: (205) 566-9988
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