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Wellness Advocate and Dowser skilled in the identification of poly-systemic sources for health challenges such as environmental toxins (metals, chemicals, dental restorations, EMFs, GMOs,…) , harmful microbes, Lectins incompatible with blood type, PTSD, spiritual attachments, entities and other biofield interferences.

The detox paradigm is successful in eliminating cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, hair loss, vision loss, ED, STDs, Lyme and other parasites (viral, bacterial, protozoan, amoebae,…) and a litany of premature aging indicators due to incidental exposures and/or to genetic predisposition.

The cultivation of a high level of mindfulness is essential to achieve the full healing potential afforded when disciplined compliance is maintained in the DIY administration of flower essences, homeopathic drainage remedies, sarcodes, nosodes, botanicals, minerals, ozone, near-/far- infared, nutriceuticals and related mind/body work.

Without focus and subject to distraction, many fail.

Through kinesiology aka muscle testing aka dowsing, a synchrony in the delivery of healing elements can be potentized, inverted and imprinted for optimal compatibility with an individual’s terrains —microbial and energetic— to manifest optimally beneficial outcomes.

Establishing order and organization in one’s healing process ensures the restoration of life vitality.

Working inter-dimensionally with our microbiome, the forces of Nature Intelligence in co-creative collaboration with 100% Pure Light is a route worthy of exploration, especially attractive in light of the consequences of mainstream medicine i.e. BigPharm and surgery.

Become your own MRI or CT SCAN. Learn to dowse!

Personal healing seeks the fullest articulation of Self.
What emerges may be a mastery of our transition into the next step of our evolutionary process.

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