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Gardner, Grahame

Name: Gardner, Grahame
Long Description:

Grahame is a Life Member and Past President of The British Society of Dowsers (2008-2014), and is also a member of the Canadian and American dowsing societies, a founder member of The Geomancy Group and co-founder (with Susan Collins) of InternationalDowsers.org, offering global dowsing solutions. He is a regular speaker and workshop leader at international conferences.

As a professional geomancer, Grahame’s specialties include:

Remedial geopathic stress work for homes and offices
Spirit release of human discarnates, and working to resolve problems with non-human entities and nature spirits affecting a property.
Technopathic stress work involving electromagnetic and microwave surveys using scientific instruments; consultations and advice on reducing exposure to these radiations.
Dowsing for and consulting on new sacred spaces, particularly labyrinths, stone circles and standing stones.
Dowsing for water sources and geothermal pumps
Workshops and talks on dowsing and geomancy-related subjects.

More details and contact information can be found at http://westerngeomancy.org

“Grahame spent about 4 hours at our place and paced thru our summer jungle uncomplainingly. He was very professional, open and helpful about what he was doing and answered our many questions. We both found our home felt quite different after he had been, quieter and more peaceful … We have no hesitation in recommending Grahame.”
“Grahame was very professional and conducted a very full survey … and replied to all my queries very knowledgeably ….my home now feels a much more calm and peaceful place to live.”
“The house feels lighter. My daughter noticed a difference on her return here after two months.”

More testimonials here: https://westerngeomancy.org/services/testimonials/
Thank you for coming last week … the house feels great now – especially the main bedroom. It’s a new house!

Address: Glasgow, Scotland
ZIP Code: G11 5HD
Member Type: Individual

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Listing Title: Gardner, Grahame