Gader, Carol

Name: Gader, Carol
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Dowsing Biography: Teacher, Experienced water dowser, Health, Missing People, Lost Items, Speaker, Removes Entities.


“We live in a rural area so we have a driven well 420′ deep. One day after four loads of washing, we were out of water. The well recovered but we had to be careful on our water usage. Now what do we do? A new well seemed to be our choice. We contacted several dowsers to find the best location for the well. One of the dowsers was Carol Gader. She located several areas on our property but also found a vein close to our existing well and said she could move the water over to our well. Sound crazy? Carol said it would take 12 – 15 days to move the water over. (we were getting only 3 /4 gal. per minute} Believe it or not, we now get 4+ gallons per minute. GREAT!!! Thanks to Carol no new well and a big savings to us.” Bob Knight

Phone Number: 603-381-4654 or 941-251-7290
Member Type: Individual

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Listing Title: Gader, Carol