By Christine Hagey

Processing is the key and we can use body dowsing to pick up the areas that are in distress, listening with our hands and heart, and by doing this truly helps ourselves move and grow. This usually means less pain, less distress, less anxiety and a new feeling of reconnecting with ourself on levels we may have lost through physcial accidents, surgery or emotional trauma.

Body dowsing is a wonderful format of bodywork that makes the most of our natural kinesthesia, which is our ability to sense position, movement and tension through space. We more commonly refer to this as our tactile sense. Body dowsing deliberately pairs our empathy and intuition with this kinesthetic capability. By listening through touch we can train ourselves to pick up patterns that are out of balance within and around our physical body. We can learn to work in a much more tangible way with challenges that are held at emotional, intellectual and mental levels.

Beyond finding negative patterns, body dowsing can be used as a powerful aid in simply helping us to process in a fun and unique way. It is like moving mediation. We are constantly in motion and in process as we learn and grow. It is amazing to watch our hands glide and move as we follow the flow of our own energy in motion, in process; as we watch both learning and growth take place or reconnections bridge again or grow stronger. This is as wondrous to me as if we were suddenly able to watch ourselves thinking!

Body dowsing allows our subconscious to express and to process in a very fluid, gracious way – often this can ease the inner tension and anxiety levels that may have resisted all our best efforts with other healing formats. Body dowsing can be used hand in hand with any or all other therapeutic modes, even standard medical treatments. It is totally safe, non-invasive and gentle. We could easily call this “hands-off” bodywork since quite often it will involve working well off of the body itself, anywhere from skimming inches above to as much as several feet away from the body.

Getting Started

Getting Started in body dowsing is easy but as with all things, practice over time will give us the best results.

Step 1: Relax expectations: Remind yourself that this is your personal exploration; it’s an activity of self-love and nurturement. As such, the very practice of body dowsing is win-win for you no matter what you experience. We need to turn off our mental mind and logic which will always want to qualify and quantify. Set yourself towards feeling and moving instead of thinking and theorizing. There is no pressure, there is only practice. Typically it will take anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks of body dowsing before you will feel yourself truly relaxing your expectations and picking up the flows with your hands. The more our mental belief codes and mind chatter relax, the more successfully we will be able to tune into what we are feeling.

Step 2: Relax the body as much as possible, with a special focus on shoulders and arms, since that is what we will be using to do our bodywork. Shoulder rolls, neck rolls and grasping our hands behind us to squeeze our shoulder blades will all help to release physical tension. If there is floor space available, you might also want to sit and stretch your spine or if you have favorite yoga moves those can be used.

Step 3: Tune Into Yourself and begin moving your hand above your arm, leg or other area in super slow motion to pick up any locks or cold spots or other such anomalies. There is no rule here…it is all going to be intuitive and fluid. There are endless ways that you may feel yourself moved – and each will be perfect timing in that moment.

In doing body dowsing we allow the flow patterns to present themselves to us. We are listening with our hands. Allow the tension and pain to speak out through movement along the body. In practice this will mean that we might feel a subtle airflow moving our hand along the body, likely above it rather than on it. We will feel these as whispers of some sort that are so very subtle we are not sure what to call them. With our kinesthetic learning style we can feel far more depth at any one moment than we can see or hear! That is why using our kinesthetic sense to body dowse with our hands can be the ultimate key to unlocking issues, pain or patterns that have held us back and for helping them to process and thus heal.

You will want to begin by moving very slowly about 3 inches above your body area of choice until you encounter an area that feels off in some way – this can be either something you physically feel or can simply be a knowing that you have no logical reason for. When you encounter this you would stop and keep your hand there hovering just overhead. As you do this you are focusing on that spot more effectively. Don’t try to put it into logical terms. Think via feelings. Do you feel that your hand is too close to the area, as if there is some invisible force pushing you away – not unlike how two south pole magnet ends repel one another? If so, continue pulling outwards away from the body until you feel you can hover there comfortably.

By allowing this spike of tension you have picked up to push your hand outward away from it, you may find yourself even 2 feet away from your body. That is fine. In fact, that is excellent because you can now *really begin to work on the extent of the pain. It emanates all the way out in the airspace to the boundary line where your hand is now hovering. It is this space between your hand and your body that is alive with charged (aka distressed) energy. If you ignored this area and simply placed your hand on the skin there you would be applying far, far too much force and healing would not take place easily or at all. But by backing off and beginning at the edge of the distress – as far out as you need to go – you will be truly allowing this ultra sensitive, charged area to finally be seen, be validated, be processed and thus, to be released. Don’t be surprised if along with that come sudden memories or smells or colors or emotions. You might even feel the airpace as buzzing or heated or crackling. However, don’t be alarmed if nothing comes with that except a feeling that you are relaxing “something” or that it feels calming.

There are no rules on what you can expect – and it’s all good.

As release happens you will feel your hand slowly begin to naturally move in… like you now have exchanged one of those southpole magnets for a north pole and the two are now drawn together. What you are really doing is kinesthetically feeling the contours of the distressed energy as it releases and becomes less charged. As this dissipates through your steady loving focus, the space between will grow shorter and shorter until finally your hand gently touches your body. The trick to remember is that you are not moving your hand…you are merely following the flow of the energy distress as it grows smaller and smaller, naturally drawing you back to the body. We can and will feel this if we allow ourselves to do so.

Body Dowsing is Moving Meditation. If we were to think about all the minute details we perform during one session of body dowsing, we would think it to be a hopelessly complicated technique to master. However our intuitive is aptly suited for this task! The more we can turn off our logic and allow our intuition and empathy to guide our movements, the more we will find ourselves moving effortlessly from one position to the next. We might work ourselves from head to toes and back again over and over.

There will be areas we “feel” we can touch more deeply, those that want to be lightly touched and areas that will not be able to receive touch yet. Often we will have each hand working as a team. We may be scanning our right arm from about 2 inches above slowly when all of a sudden we feel that we need to go down to our ankles, grab them both gently and just stay there focused on them like this …until we feel it is time to move on again. The timing of how long to stay in any one place is entirely keyed to reading the feelings of our body. This could be 10 seconds or it may be 2 minutes or longer. We may work with ourselves for a total of 30 seconds or we may feel we want to work for 30 minutes.

Not only will our intuition and kinesthetic sense be able to guide us from area to area in quick succession, but this will also tell us exactly how we must place our hands.

For example, perhaps we feel that our knees are wanting to be touched. When we move our hands there and place them on the kneecaps we might right away feel that this is the wrong position. So we listen to our knees through our empathy and feel we could begin by placing only the fingertips of our hands on the very central position of our kneecap. And we hold that there until we feel some tiny invisible click of release. That may be tangible or less tangible. But when we feel it, we will also simultaneously feel the urge to move our hands into another position. This is a key point: When we have succeeded in opening up an area we will naturally feel nudged to move one or both of our hands.

Whether or not we feel any releasing going on, we can rely on our sense of feeling like it’s time to move one or both hands – and when we feel this, that means we have aided our processing. If that processing had been stuck there for days, weeks or decades, it’s now been unstuck and we are allowed to move into new processing territory. For any issue or setback in our life there is an entire process of energy movement towards completion/ resolution – most of it taking place in our subconscious. We can facilitate this processing for ourselves through body dowsing. The best part about body dowsing is that we each come standard with the empathy, intuitive and kinesthetic sense we need to do this for ourselves. We need only practice to flex and build the “muscle” of pairing these together and working with them formally. Body dowsing can be used as a celebration of being alive or can be equally valuable as a powerful healing tool that we can do anywhere, anytime.

Chris Hagey lives in Troy. In addition to facilitating bodywork sessions and giving small group lessons in the SE Michigan area, Chris shares energy flow dynamics through her website