Trustees • Regional Coordinators

Marty Lucas
Martin LucasMarty Lucas is an organic farmer who currently lives in central Iowa, and is a full time Radionics Practitioner. He works with organic farmers, ranchers and other interested individuals and his practice includes consulting, teaching, and support. As popular and frequently requested teacher, he has been asked to teach classes around the country at various energy and Radionics events, and last year was one of the instructors at the ASD Convention. Marty has been a dowser for over a decade and has been an active member of his local dowsing chapter, where he served as the Chapter Vice President for 2014. He has been active in a number of civic organizations over the years and have served as an officer in many of them, although he is only active in Dowsers at this time. He has a grown family and very much enjoys being a grandfather to 7 beautiful little girls. His family understands and supports his energy work.

Phone: 515-480-7416

Sandra Isgro
Jpeg I was introduced to dowsing 15 years ago at a retreat where the instructor used L-Rods to place a Labyrinth.  When the rods magically moved in my hands I was hooked and I have been dowsing ever since. Its been a pleasure to teach dowsing to others and watch them discover that ‘A Ha!!’ moment for themselves. As a member of Vermont Vibrations, I was part of a research project investigating the use of runic energies and their incorporation into Labyrinths. I enjoy dowsing earth energies to find to find water, create sacred  space, and co-create healthier living spaces.

Phone:  207-246-2922

Sandi Ruelke
Recording Secretary
Sandi Ruelke learned to dowse at the ASD Convention in 1999 and has been involved in dowsing and the  national convention ever since. Trips to Danville Chapter from southern NH became a monthly adventure  in learning dowsing in the early years. Then she moved north, and co-founded White Mountains ASD  Chapter in Lincoln, NH, which later moved to Plymouth, NH and is also a member of the Littleton, NH  chapter. She has been on the Convention Committee for years, served on three different nominating committees and served as co-chair in 2009, 2010 and 2012. Sandi enjoys teaching dowsing to individuals,
making dowsing pendulums, and uses dowsing in her daily life. She is the Northeast Regional Vice President.

Phone: 603-444-5494

Annette Weis
Corresponding Secretary
awhs Annette’s childhood in Southeastern Pennsylvania was spent surrounded by hex signs, river stones, and brauche
or powwowing. Her Grandfather, a skilled craftsman and member of the New Hope artist colony, taught her to play melodies on the Ringing Rocks. Her Grandmother and Mother were students of Edgar Cayce. Annette’s husband  introduced her to TM, Jack Schwarz, theosophy, and the Himalayan Institute, where she completed numerous  courses over several years. For 15 years Annette served on the Board of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey  doing major conferences, workshops and lecture series. After years of urging by an ASD life member, Annette finally came to an ASD convention. She chaired the 2011 Nominating Committee and co-chaired the 2009, 2010,  and 2012 Conventions. Annette served as Co-VP from 2013-2014 and President from 2014-2015.

Phone: 973-224-0472

Tick Gaudreau
Tick GaudreauTick Gaudreau is a long time Dowser and member of ASD. He teaches at the Basic Dowsing School most every year. He has written two dowsing books, “Spirit Rescue: A Dowser’s Ghostly Encounters,” and “The Care and Treatment of Wild Energies.” Educated and practicing as an engineer, he incorporates as much real science into the field of dowsing as possible but does not discount the esoteric and spiritual dimensions. He is a member of the Mohawk and Hudson Dowsers.

Phone: 518-233-1290

LeeAnn Potter
Lee Ann Potter Mrs. Potter has previously served as the Chair of the ASD Science Committee. She is a Mechanical Engineer, and has had extensive experience working with low power energies. She is also a gifted energy worker, with a demonstrated ability to sense many of the energies around her on a continual basis.


Phone: 603-788-4606

Keith Schaffer

Keith Shaffer learned to dowse at age eight, and has been dowsing ever since. Today, he teaches and demonstrates dowsing at three to four fairs and folk festivals, about 12-14 days a year, and frequently teaches at local metaphysical stores. He also speaks at various churches, historical societies and been featured in local newspapers and on local television. Keith has been an ASD trustee since 2007 and has served as chair of Building and Grounds committee (2007-2011, and again since November 2014). This committee brought about needed improvements within the budget constraints.  He has also served on By-Laws and PPM committees, and has worked successfully with other chapters and participated in an Operations Manager for ASD Headquarters. His profession is Stonemason. He is an active member and 2nd VP of a local Association for Graveyard Preservation, and at two ASD national conventions, has lead successful dowsing field trips to graveyards in different areas of Vermont. He will work on any committees requested to facilitate the growth and integrity of the ASD organization.

Phone: 610-689-5164

Regional Coordinators –

Jeanne Gehringer – Southwest Region – 575-522-4667

Vacant – California Region/North – 510-278-3136

Inez Lindsey – California Region/South – 619-517-8110

Scott Pearce – Great Lakes Region – 330-821-2988

Vacant – Northwest Region

Vacant – Northeast Region – 603-444-5494

Carol Gader – Southern Region – 941-981-9478

Robert Callan – Midwest Region – 763-260-1323

Leroy Bull – International VP – 203-817-9646