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Roxanne Louise
In addition to being an active dowser and pendulum dowsing instructor, Roxanne Louise is a nationally honored hypnotherapist, Reiki Master teacher, stress management expert, and author. She has been a frequent presenter at the American Society of Dowsers (national and regional conventions). She is recipient of 5 national hypnosis awards including Lifetime Achievement from the largest hypnosis organization in the world. Since 1990, she has been actively applying pendulum dowsing in her hypnosis practice, which is largely focused on helping clients deal with stress, and mental and emotional issues. She is author of 9 books including therapeutic dowsing, the Infinite Intelligence Process, self hypnosis, stop smoking, Reiki (3 volumes including mind-body healing), releasing anger, and more. In addition, she has written over 118 articles on dowsing, self-help, mental and emotional healing, and personal empowerment. Roxanne is Founder of Central Virginia Dowsers in Charlottesville, and Facilitator for ASD’s new Dowsing Support Teleconference Calls. Her full bio is at, and her blog is   Email:  [email protected]  Phone: (434)263-4337

Sandra Isgro
I was introduced to dowsing 15 years ago at a retreat where the instructor used L-Rods to place a Labyrinth.  When the rods magically moved in my hands I was hooked and I have been dowsing ever since. Its been a pleasure to teach dowsing to others and watch them discover that ‘A Ha!!’ moment for themselves. As a member of Vermont Vibrations, I was part of a research project investigating the use of runic energies and their incorporation into Labyrinths. I enjoy dowsing earth energies to find water, create sacred space, and co-create healthier living spaces.
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  207-246-2922

Tick Gaudreau
Tick GaudreauTick Gaudreau is a long time Dowser and member of ASD. He teaches at the Basic Dowsing School most every year. He has written two dowsing books, “Spirit Rescue: A Dowser’s Ghostly Encounters,” and “The Care and Treatment of Wild Energies.” Educated and practicing as an engineer, he incorporates as much real science into the field of dowsing as possible but does not discount the esoteric and spiritual dimensions. He is a member of the Mohawk and Hudson Dowsers.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 518-233-1290


Leedra Yablonsky
Leedra originally began dowsing ‘by guess and by gosh!” Because she was not aware of limitations, she has used dowsing for everything from locating underground water to hanging book shelves (dowsing rods make great stud-finders!). These days, she primarily utilizes dowsing in conjunction with several other skills and techniques to facilitate healing and conscious evolution with her clients. Her background in corporate America focused on creating simple systems and procedures in otherwise complex industries (ie. International logistics and Federal regulatory compliance). Leedra’s goal with the ASD is to encourage dynamic growth and integrity by facilitating communication both within the organization and to the public. For more about her work, visit, or contact her directly.  Email: [email protected] Phone: (845)596-8550.

Keith Schaffer
Keith Shaffer learned to dowse at age eight, and has been dowsing ever since. Today, he teaches and demonstrates dowsing at three to four fairs and folk festivals, about 12-14 days a year, and frequently teaches at local metaphysical stores. He also speaks at various churches, historical societies and has been featured in local newspapers and on local television. Keith has been an ASD trustee since 2007 and has served as chair of Building and Grounds committee (2007-2011, and again since November 2014). This committee brought about needed improvements within the budget constraints.  He has also served on By-Laws and PPM committees, and has worked successfully with other chapters. His profession is Stonemason. He is an active member and 2nd VP of a local Association for Graveyard Preservation, and at two ASD national conventions, has lead successful dowsing field trips to graveyards in different areas of Vermont. He will work on any committees requested to facilitate the growth and integrity of the ASD organization.  Email: [email protected]   Phone: 610-689-5164

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Regional Coordinators

Southwest Region – Vacant

California Region/North – Vacant

Inez Lindsey – California Region/South – 619-517-8110

Vacant – Great Lakes Region

Vacant – Northwest Region

Carol Gader – Southern Region – 941-981-9478

Robert Callan – Midwest Region –  612-868-2887

Leroy Bull – International VP – 203-817-9646