I clear homes, offices, property, of blocked energy(chi), non beneficial entities, assist spirits in transitioning back to the light.
Release, transform, or reroute geopathic stress, EMF’S, cell tower, and high voltage interference.
I also do personal clearings( Pets included) to release emotional blocks , trauma, inherited issues etc.
In Person and Remote sessions


I had a personal clearing as well as a house clearing and I feel a sense of lightness and relief.
there was a heavy feeling in this house, something dark. Now I feel the energy is clear and even the
basement feels light and empty.
Thank you Kae!
Pru B

We have had a string of bad luck since opening our business and moving into our new home.
Kae cleared the space and within hours there was a noticeable change. She was so thorough and listened
to all our concerns.
I also received personal clearings and it has made such a difference in my energy and overall health.
Thank you so much Kae!
Amber D.

Last summer Kae performed a” house clearing” on my summer home in SW new hampshire.
I had a closing within 6 weeks to two texas gals who are absolutely thrilled!
Karen R.

Kae’s personal clearing afforded me the grace and confidence to achieve success.
Vince/ Realtor