Areas of Specialization: Dowsing Instructor, Personal well-being dowsing, Pet well-being dowsing, Building and property clearings, Removing curses and Psychic clearing

Suze Rand has BA degree in Psychology and learned to dowse in 1994. She was a member of the Desert Dowsers group in Las Vegas, Nevada after moving there in 1995, until the group dissolved. As a member of a Spiritualist Church for 20 years, Suze took many classes there, did auric healing and gave messages as a medium. Over the last 25 years, Suze has studied many healing modalities including: Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Quantum Touch, Sedona Method, Body Code & Emotion Code, Theta HealingĀ®, and Tong Ren. She uses dowsing with all of these healing methods, to find out which process or processes is/are best for a particular issue, the underlying causes, when they developed and any other information helpful in clearing problems. She has taught classes in beginning dowsing and encourages others to learn to receive their own answers. She also does pet healing, removing curses, clearing buildings and property and psychic clearing.