I have been a member of American Society of Dowsers since 1991 and a life member of the society since 1999. I have been the President of the Boston Dowsers since 2002 and have attended the West Coast Dowser Conference, Southwest Conference and the Can-Am Dowser Conference. I was a Trustee for the society and elected into office in 2005. I am a water well dowser and have successfully dowsed wells in all 6 New England States, New York State and California since 1991. I have successfully dowsed wells on the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. I travel to customer sites throughout New England, New York and when I’m in California which is often. Not only will I find you a well, I will teach you how to dowse and give you dowsing tools. I’m an international speaker and find missing people, missing pets and missing items. I will answer your phone call and/or email immediately.