The American Society of Dowsers, Inc. Presents:

The 2019 National Dowsing Convention & Metaphysical Expo

JUNE 26-30 at Plymouth State University
in Plymouth, NH

Schools and Workshops are NOT included in the Convention rate. There are additional fees for these. Schools and Workshops are hands-on half or full day specialized instruction. Schools and workshops are held pre and post convention.

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Wed 9am-4:30 pm Joan Reid, Tick Gaudreau, and others The Foundation Course in Dowsing
Wed 9am-4:30 pm Bob Terry How to Create an Energy Wheel
Wed 9:00 am-12:00 pm Marty Lucas Healing, Energy Flow & Love
Wed 1:30pm-4:30 pm Aaron Singleton An Intuitive Approach to Healing Back/Spinal Pain and Tension Patterns
Wed 1:30pm-4:30 pm  Alice Harwood Quantum Energetic Place Clearing: Assisting Ascension of Body & Earth
Thurs 9:00 am-4:30 pm Sandi Isgro w/Lee Ann Potter and Marty Lucas Co-Create a Life-Changing DNA Labyrinth
Thurs 9:00 am-12:00 pm Joan Reid and Tick Gaudreau Dowsing for Wellness
Thurs 9:00 am-12:00 pm Shanti Douglas Plugging Leaks and Building Strength: Dowsing with HeartMath®
Thurs 9:00 am-12:00 pm Susan Collins In the Pharaoh’s Footsteps
Thurs 1:30 am-4:30 pm Richard Roy and Mary Farrell Basics of Water/Well Dowsing
Thurs 1:30 am-4:30 pm Brian Besco An Afternoon with Brian Besco and the Elders Three
Thurs 1:30 am-4:30 pm White Eagle (Doug Gray) Your Shamanic Journey and Spirit Animals


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2019 Convention Speaker Info Is Here


26jun9:00 am4:12 pmHealing, Energy Flow & Love (9am-Noon)Wed: Half Day Workshop with Marty Lucas

26jun9:00 am4:30 pmHow to Create an Energy Wheel (9am-4:30pm)Wed: Full Day Workshop with Bob Terry

26jun9:00 am4:30 pmFoundations Course: Basic Foundations of Dowsing (9am-4:30pm)Wed: Full Day Workshop with Joan Reid, Tick Geaudreau

26jun1:30 pm4:30 pmAn Intuitive Approach to Healing Back/Spinal Pain & Tension Patterns (1:30pm-4:30pm)Wed: Afternoon Workshop with Aaron Singleton

26jun1:30 pm4:30 pmQuantum Energetic Place Clearing: Ascension of Body & Earth (1:30pm-4:30pm)Wed: Afternoon Workshop with Alice Harwood & Brandon Dey

27jun9:00 am4:30 pmCo-Create a Life-Changing DNA Labyrinth (9am-4:30pm)Thur: Full Day Workshop with Sandi Isgro, Lee Ann Potter and Marty Lucas

27jun9:00 am12:00 pmPlugging Leaks and Building Strength: Dowsing with HeartMath® (9am-Noon)Thur: Half Day Workshop with Shanti Douglas

27jun9:00 am12:00 pmIn the Pharaoh's Footsteps (9am-Noon)Thur: Half Day Workshop with Susan Collins

27jun9:00 am12:00 pmDowsing for Wellness (9am-Noon)Thur: Half Day Workshop with Joan Reid and Tick Gaudreau

27jun1:30 pm4:30 pmYour Shamanic Journey and Spirit Animals (1:30pm-4:30pm)Thur: Afternoon Workshop with White Eagle (Doug Gray)

27jun1:30 pm4:30 pmBasics of Water/Well Dowsing (1:30pm-4:30pm)Thur: Afternoon Workshop with Richard Roy & Mary Farrell

27jun1:30 pm4:30 pmAn Afternoon with Brian Besco & The Elders Three (1:30pm-4:30pm)Thur: Afternoon Workshop with Brian Besco and the Elders Three

27jun(jun 27)6:00 pm30(jun 30)6:00 pmFeaturedIndividual | 2019 Convention Registration (June 28-30)

27jun(jun 27)6:00 pm30(jun 30)6:00 pmStudent | 2019 Convention Registration*Must present Current Student ID

27jun(jun 27)6:00 pm30(jun 30)6:00 pmGroup | 2019 Convention Registration

28jun(jun 28)7:00 am30(jun 30)6:00 pmDay Pass | 2019 Convention Registration (June 28-30)

28jun(jun 28)9:00 am30(jun 30)6:30 pmOnline Live Stream Webcast | 2019 Convention RegistrationOnline Broadcast of the 2019 Convention

30jun1:30 pm5:30 pmBecoming More Whole: Consciousness & Sound Experiential (1:30pm-5:30pm)Sun: Afternoon Workshop with Eben Alexander & Karen Newell


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