Thursday, June 15, you have some tough decisions to make.  Nine opportunities to learn, meet new people, and gain new skills are presented with  Four Full Day AND Six Half Day Workshops:

Tantalizing Thursday, June 15, 2017.

9:00AM – 4:30PM
Lunch Break approx. 12-1:30




Exploring Dowsing BEYOND the Foundation – Tick Gaudreau & Joan Reid

Ideal for a Foundation (or a Basic Dowsing graduate)  and the Intermediate Dowser looking to explore more specific areas.

This full-day workshop is designed as an overview of the many aspects of dowsing for the beginning or intermediate dowser. Its audience is the people who have just or recently taken the Foundation Course or have an understanding of the basics. For those Dowsers who have been around for a while and feel a bit rusty, this course can open-up your dowsing skills.

We will present seven areas of dowsing: map dowsing, chart dowsing, water dowsing, dowsing for lost items, dowsing the human energy field, dowsing for wellness, and dowsing for energies in our environments. This overview is designed to inform and encourage you to study and explore further.

With all of the areas covered in this intensive overview, it is not intended that you become an expert in all. However, each topic will be presented with practice time allotted for you to interact in break-out groups with seasoned Dowsers to guide you. Other dowsing topics will be introduced and mentioned and explored as the class unfolds and time permits. Bring your favorite dowsing instrument.

The target Dowser for this class is one who has some basic skill and wants to explore the various dowsing specialties. This is not a beginning or Foundation Course. Those who have never learned to dowse would be better served by the Foundation Course being offered on Wednesday, June 14th. Come and explore the many areas of dowsing in a relaxed, informal setting with others on the same path.

Note:  Bring your own tool(s) and we will have a small selection available to borrow.



Soul to Soul HealingLindamarie Hill

Soul to Soul Healing is a shamanic method of healing that evolved through spiritual guidance and experiences with clients over the past twenty years. Lindamarie began teaching these techniques in Europe many years ago. The method has evolved and expanded with her clients being the greatest teachers. Each of the modules has been a past presentation at the American Society of Dowsers Conventions. Bundled into this one workshop, they provide training for healing practitioners, or personal healing experiences for convention participants.

This workshop will include four experiential modules:

1. Connecting to Guardian Spirits or Healing Guides and A Spirit Release Practice – Learn how to discover the role of guides/angels in co-creating and executing our present life plan  Learn the role of spirit attachment in illness disease and violent acts.  Learn to clear attachments.

2. Exploring and Healing Past Lives –  Learn the role of past lives in our evolving soul plan. Journey to discover a past life that is influencing the present.

3. Soul Retrieval – Recapturing and Healing Lost Soul Parts Learn how the soul becomes fragmented Participate in restoring and reclaiming the essential beauty of the divine self.

4. Core Wound Healing –  Learn how core wounds have an impact on personal and global development and may even be the root of many human social ills, and an answer to why certain conflicts and issues persist throughout the world.  Learn techniques to bring balance and wholeness, healing core wounds.


Meet E.T. Alien Energy with Dowsing Susan Collins

Are Extraterrestrial Aliens real? If they are real, who are they and where do they come from? Do they come from another place in our physical Universe or perhaps from a different dimension in a parallel Universe? What do they want? Some seem to want to help us for our benefit and some want to help us for their benefit. It’s important to understand the distinction! As with many forms of energy, there appear to be beneficial, non-beneficial and neutral categories of E.T. Aliens. To stay safe, you need to know which kind you are dealing with.

We will use dowsing to create a safe place to ask these questions and many more. We will learn to detect and control interactions with off-planet, other-dimensional and other-time Energies and Beings that may be affecting you. We will create psychic protection and remove outdated vows that may be allowing unwanted interaction with E.T. Aliens. What you learn in this class can be applied to Human and Angel interactions as well.

Susan will guide you through a gentle process that can provide answers to the questions you haven’t dared to ask. All tools will be available for use during the workshop.


Simply Helping ….- Alicja Aratyn  M. Eng., DM

Many exercises and time to practice.

In the history of humanity we have often read of great healers and prophets performing miracles.  Many therapists at some point in their professional practice dream more or less secretly about being able to do the same.  Nowadays life is more complex and every therapist is aware of the amount of courage and responsibility it takes to assist someone in need during a most challenging period of life. How do you maintain the proper state of mind, body and spirit?

In this full day workshop we will talk and practice what it takes to be a spiritually dedicated wellness practitioner.   First of all, what does it mean to be a real therapist?  How can you sustain the proper vitality?  Who should you help, when to help, and why help?

We will learn tools used to create and maintain all level of our health.  Explore feeling the aura or energetic disturbances.  How do  you detect energy distortions.  What we often see is not what is actually  present but a fictional picture posted to misinform and mislead us.  How can we recognize this and deal with it.  This ia the dilemma of many—so let’s talk about it and attempt to recognize it.    This workshop is full of exercises and a safe environment to practice.

June 15, 2017
Morning – 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon

Fun and Games Dowsing for Energy and VitalityNed Wolf

Join with others in this work to explore effective dowsing protocols that support health and vitality. We will discuss the various dynamics of balancing our health, including that each of us resides in a body that has all the necessary resources it needs to correct imbalances. Dowsing can be especially useful to determine how we are blocking access to these inner resources.

Ned Wolf was trained as a dowser by Hanna Kroeger. He will share Hanna’s dowsing methods for identifying the possible physical and spiritual causes of imbalances from toxins to genetics and from suppressed emotions to possible entities.

You will learn about the various tools that are used in these protocols including the use of Radionics equipment. Additionally you will learn and experiment with dowsing exercises to determine the levels of vitality for each organ and system of the body. Participants will learn to access a system for recovering exuberant vitality that has empowered thousands to recover from limitations.

A great way to meet fellow dowsers and start your day.



A Red Light Seance and Class – Manifestation of Spirits

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge… knowledge is limited… imagination… embraces all there will ever be to know and understand.”

This Red Light Seance and Class will consist of three distinct components.  First there will be a  meditation to open the imagination;  second, a focusing visualization; and  finally, volunteers will be  invited to sit with the Red Light allowing spirits to manifest.

This process will 1) empower your ability to see and sense spirit guides and loved ones, 2) open the power of your intuition and understanding and 3) enhance your Spiritual and Psychic gifts by helping you make spirit contact.

To quote Einstein again, “Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind”.  The imagination is not the Spiritual or Psychic, but it allows us to make contact with Spirit and the Psyche.  The Red Light Seance demonstrates the imagination as the doorway to the psychic and spirit.

Different visionary and perceptual techniques are used to develop and focus your imagination and intuition as powerful psychic and spiritual tools.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to be the focus of the red light if they desire to allow spirit to manifest around them.


June 15, 2017
AFTERNOON 1:30pm-4:30pm

Four Pillars of Self-Protection – Barbara Stone and Robert Alcorn, MD

This workshop is for people who know they are here to heal the world but feel afraid they will get in over their heads if they fully develop their healing gifts. It provides a platform of four pillars of self-protection to provide safety: Centering, a Body Protector, an Essence Protector, and connection with one’s True Self.

For muscle testing or dowsing in any other form to be accurate, both the client and the energy practitioner first need to be centered in all three vectors of the human energy field: up-down, front-back, and left-right.

Participants will learn how to assess each vector of the etheric body with dowsing and simple corrective exercises to get fully centered. Participants will then do a guided visualization to find a protector for the physical body, a protector for one’s immortal essence, and the most important protection of all, which is aligning with one’s True Self—standing in the power of who you truly are!


Staying Alive! – Jini Cerio

In this workshop, I will go into depth on checking percentages of what organs are functioning at. Check the percentages of what elements, minerals, vitamins are in the body, and how to bring the body back in balance.

Learn how to distantly dowse using an anatomy book/charts/drawings. Learn how to distantly heal from an outline of the body. Learn the usage of pendulums in healing physically and emotionally.

You will learn to understand what is going on in your body and how to bring it back to balance. If you have elderly family and friends, this information is a lifesaver for them. Know what your body has been trying to tell you with all the hints of aches and pains.


Maximizing your Quantum Energy to Stay Young and Healthy! – John Thompson 

In this entertaining and highly participatory workshop, learn many of the important keys for maintaining your healthy and vitality, including:

  • Foot and hand reflexology to energetically release ailments and affliction
  • Pranayama- a powerful breathing practice and utilizing a mantra to control your breath and life.
  • The history and potential of Orgone energy
  • Protecting your self from the effects of EMFs
  • Kinesiology – using it in your daily life
  • Dowsing Rods and Pendulums – importance of daily use
  • The Pineal Gland and its role in your spiritual life
  • Kombucha Mushroom Tea and its claims for life-changing benefits
  • Coconut Oil and the recent studies on its impact
  • The Five Rites – how to practice from ‘The Fountain of Youth”

A lot of information in a short period of time. Bring your notebook and an open mind.