*Please note that these Workshops are in addition to the Convention.
June 18, 2017
Afternoon Workshops
1:30 PM to 4:30 PM

BLUISH  The Roads of Advanced Dowsing & Imagery (Remote Viewing) – Ginette Matacia-Lucas w/ Angela Ford

Advanced DowsingTake the next step forward and learn about combining the skills you already have to become a successful Location Dowser.  This is the class you won’t want to miss.  Two world known experts will educate you on how to consciously combine dowsing with various intuition tools.  

Both Ginette and Angela have been interviewed by media outlets, i.e., CBS, NBC, Al Jazeera, WRC, CNN and the Russian Media, on their mental skills used to find objects, treasures, and people.  Ginette’s dowsing techniques and Angela’s remote viewing skills combine to help inspire and train you to think beyond the boundaries of traditionally defined dowsing.   

Dowsing can be passed on to the next generation as was Ginette’s from her Father, Louis Matacia. Angela was intrigued with the paranormal also at a very early age.  Interested children ages 7 and up are more than welcome to attend.  

You will learn how to find treasures and missing objects.  Bring your cases and we will use them as sample working cases.  You will find yourself wowed by what you can do with your newly learned dowsing in class and on future projects.


Dowsing Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants-Preparing an Energetic Essence Remedy – Ellen Kamhi, RN, HNC, PhD – The Natural Nurse®

Right on the Skidmore Campus you will find an amazing array of wild, edible and medicinal plants.  Let’s explore, dowse and communicate with the myriad of plant friends and entities that surround us.  Remember,  anywhere that  humans lived before there were grocery stores, wild plant food and  medicines are there!  You just have to learn where to look.

We will investigate, identify and communicate with our plant friends, ask their permissions, and gather those who ‘volunteer’ to join us on our healing journey.

If possible, BRING SCISSORS and a SMALL JAR so you can take home your own ESSENCE REMEDY that we will prepare right in the field, depending on what we find on our wild weed walk!


Intuitive Communication – Using Eyes, Touch, Voice and Presence – Mary Swaine

This hands-on workshop will speed up your process of self-discovery and lead you through the key elements of developing your therapeutic eyes, touch, voice, and presence. You will experience each key element during the workshop and dowse what you need to do to develop them further. You will learn methods and exercises to communicate, intuitively and to perceive and transmit energies through your eyes, voice, hands and presence that will help yourself and others evolve/self-heal.

For instance, communication is a function of cell membranes and mitochondria.  You will discover and dowse how to improve the health of your mitochondria and evolve other necessary elements of working with the eyes, touch, voice and presence.  Each has specific elements and you will experience each key element during the workshop and dowse what you need to do to develop them further.

You will learn and experience methods and exercises to develop your eyes, touch, voice and presence.


Navigating Your Future with Dowsing: Dowsing in Action  – Adhi Two Owls

Every day we have the opportunity to use our skills to make the world a better place for every one. Protecting the water, the soil, and the diversity of this planet is how we will sustain our future. As dowsers we have a variety of tools to do that and participate in the healing of the planet. We only have one planet and it is up to all of us to work together and build a future for the next 7 generations.

In this half day workshop participants will learn how to use their dowsing practice in meaningful and practical ways to better their lives and the world around them. Dr. Adhi will offer some  new research and concepts to widen your dowsing skills as well as show how to use some basic dowsing to heal water, soil, and clear/balance energies.

Bring: dowsing rods, pendulums and a bottle of water to the workshop….

Two Full Day Workshops
Round out Your Convention with a Magical and Mystical Experience.
9 AM to 4:30 PM
Lunch Break approx. 12 to 1:30 PM

Glimpses of Beyond — What the Near-Death Experience Tells Us about Life and Death, Heaven and Hell
AND Dowsing in Action
 Atwater, L.H.D.

The book Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience is the people’s book. It embraces the collective, the sum of the many. Nearly four decades of listening, carefully noting what nearly 4,000 child and adult experiencers of near-death states shared – what they saw, heard, felt, and suddenly, absolutely knew – fills each page of the book and each moment of this presentation with Dr. PMH Atwater.

Forty drawings from near-death and near-death-like experiencers in six countries fill a Powerpoint presentation that gets right to the core, the very heart of the world’s longing for truth. The subject is God/Allah/Deity, and the stage is that Sourceplace of all that is love.

Each illustration in this program represents that experiencer’s feeling, sense, memory of what they encountered at the edge of death and beyond. Some are artists. Most are not. These depictions, each and every one of them, give form to the ‘heart’ of what shifted that individual away from ordinary realities and concerns, to the presence of soul – and the deep, full, all-consuming realness of a Power most refer to as Creator, Source, or God/Allah/Deity. Once so touched, each child, teen, adult – remains ever “different” afterward. . . the majority, lifelong. Contributors are from the United States, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and Canada. There will be time for questions and an exploration of otherworldly realities.

In the afternoon, we will explore the latest findings in near-death research, deeper issues, and the broader topic of transformations of consciousness.  This can be a personally transformative experience for you and yours. 

The Sonica Sound Playshop: Dowsing with the Voice! – Diana Kelly Domingo and Trent Millet

Experience the Acoustic Body and Sound Technologies with Voice, Rhythm, Digital and Analog instrumentation and the Science of Sound & Frequency to Move Energy, Optimize our Bodies and Transform our Lives!   Voice, Breath and Listening are natural dowsing methods!

In this play day of sharing with Diana and Trent:

We will explore the Body as Sound! Sound creates the mold for everything we are from molecule to organ. We are a symphony of frequencies and are constantly affected by each sound and the voice of all things.  You’ll be playing with instruments and devices that help you see your Voice and how sound and tones create “Cymatic Patterns” – form, structure, and patterns in water, light and solids. Trent will bring his “Opti-Phonic” water computer that converts sound into light patterns.     Learn how to use, feel, relate to and move energy with Your own voice and sounds and how to connect more deeply with the internal & external sound currents. And, we will explore how sound affects you, restores you, excites you, soothes you!

Through numerous  modalities we will all experiment and see how sound affects thoughts and emotions and offers us a gateway to shape our consciousness.

Playing with Diana, you are offered enhancement of connection with your own voice, inner and vocalized, its power and natural attributes. She helps to activate “Sonic Awareness” by inspiring and guiding others to connect with and channel their inner symphony of frequency, light and sound vibration through vocal toning, chanting, sacred instruments, soul tuning, and other ancient and modern methods.

Trent’s “Opti-Phonic” Water computers are unique and  we’ll play with devices that respond to intent, energy, thought or physical influence, shaping and changing patterns created as light dances with water.  He holds certificates in “Bio-Harmonics” and “Harmonics of Healing” and has spent 30 years exploring and studying light, sound and water.